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  1. Customer Experience Metrics | Analyzing The Data

    Many companies measure customer metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as other loyalty and customer satisfaction metrics through short surveys sent to their customers. In fact, many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems integrate with tools to collect data and report on those metrics.  Data for customer experience metrics can be transactional or Read more

  2. Retail Banking – The Importance of a Consultative Approach

    Over the years, branch usage and face-to-face transactions have decreased in frequency at financial institutions.  Alternate banking channels have become more convenient, familiar, and rich in features.  Consumers are turning to ATMs, Kiosks, Mobile, and Online to conduct transactions that in the past they may have gone to a branch for.  A study conducted by Read more

  3. Banking User Experience Research

    Over the past decade, the frequency of online banking usage has grown. A study conducted by Pew Research in 2013 found that 51% of US adults bank online.  Additionally, a 2014 study by the Federal Reserve found that 51% of smart phone owners have used mobile banking in the past 12 months. Customers have come Read more

  4. The ROI Appeal of Market Research

    Difficult business problems require innovative ideas to solve them. Utilizing market research provides business decision makers with the insight needed to overcome these hurdles. Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) knows that when conducted appropriately, market research can have a generous return on investment (ROI). Here are four examples for how market research can improve Read more

  5. Real-Time Access to Survey Data Through Portals | Market Research Trends

    One option that Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) has been offering to clients more frequently is access to data portals.  These data portals allow our clients to access survey results in real-time.  This is particularly useful to clients who are conducting ongoing or longitudinal studies.  The portals allow our clients to access data at any point Read more

  6. 7 Tips for Conducting Intercept Surveys

    Intercept surveys/interviews can be a great method for obtaining data for a research project. On-site interviews are one of the best choices when you need top-of-mind feedback or need to speak to an audience that visited a specific location. We’re currently in the process of conducting multiple projects that have an intercept interview component, so we Read more

  7. Is Big Data Overwhelming You? Use Small Data

    First the big hype was all about “Big Data” but now there is some buzz generating for “Small Data”.  The concept of big data has caused strain at many companies as they realize their databases lack both the size and sophistication necessary to analyze large amounts of data and produce actionable next steps.  Ultimately, utilizing Read more

  8. 7 Survey Programming Features | Market Research Firm NY

    Finding and utilizing the right survey software is integral to the market research process. Survey software becomes a market researcher’s best friend during the design process, all the way from start to finish. Here are highlights of some survey programming features: Quality Control Features – Most survey software incorporates a multitude of quality control features Read more

  9. The Importance of Personal Finance Management | Banking Trends

    The overall trend for banking has been moving towards customers and members of banks and credit unions having on-demand access to their financial information including everything from simple balance and transaction data to more detailed personal finance analytics. Many financial customers want to be in touch with their finances. They want to know what their Read more

  10. 7 Tips to Develop Mobile-Friendly Online Surveys

    In the last year or two, we’ve seen a considerable jump in the number of online surveys conducted. It is a becoming the quickest and most cost efficient way for our clients to reach out to their target audiences and gather a significant amount of data. We’ve conducted surveys among both consumer and business audiences Read more

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