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  1. Panel to Discuss Selling Syracuse | Test Market Cities in the U.S.

    RMS’ Director of Business Development Sandy Baker, second from left, joined fellow colleagues David Holder (left), of Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau, Ben Walsh (center), of Syracuse Economic Development Corporation, Joanne Rauch (second from right), of C.R. Fletcher & Associates, and Jamie Marciniak Waller on a panel discussing the selling points of Syracuse and Central Read more

  2. RMS Bunker Blog Reaches 100,000 Hits | Market Research Blog

    Thank you to all of our subscribers, regular readers, and new readers who come across our market research blog on a daily basis.  We are glad to be a continued source of information for the market research industry and our clients’ industries of focus.  If you haven’t already, we’d like to hear a little bit Read more

  3. Client Satisfaction Survey Results | RMS Healthcare

    Yesterday’s blog post featured the RMS Analytics team’s survey results.  Today, we switch gears to highlight the Healthcare team’s results.  As was detailed yesterday, in 2012, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) retooled its client satisfaction survey to garner more actionable feedback from our clients.  At the end of each healthcare project/process, RMS mails out a client satisfaction Read more

  4. Client Satisfaction Survey Results | RMS Analytics

    In 2012, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) retooled its client satisfaction survey to garner more actionable feedback from our clients.  At the end of each research project, a client satisfaction survey is mailed out with the final report and project CD.  The results are invaluable to our teams, and if no response is received, our Read more

  5. The National Do-Not-Call Registry | Market Research Company Upstate NY

    This blog post explains why market research firms like Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) do not apply to the National Do Not Call Registry. RMS is a market research company in Upstate NY.

  6. Market Research Company in Upstate NY Shows Strong Progress

    This is the latest article published in the Central New York’s Business Journal. This edition of the CNYBJ focused on local companies who have show progress over the course of the past year. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research company in Upstate, NY.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving from the Bunker!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the RMS Bunker!

  8. Market Research Company Presents at BizBuzz | Upstate NY

    Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a market research company in Upstate NY, presented at the BizBuzz Social Media Conference in Liverpool on Tuesday at the Holiday Inn. This blog posts shows our B2B Small Business Blogging Basics presentation.

  9. BizBuzz Social Media Conference | Syracuse NY

    On Tuesday, November 1st, the RMS Analytics team will be presenting at the second annual BizBuzz Social Media Conference at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool.  Our breakout session IV begins at 2:40 PM in Convention Center A. From the BizBuzz website:  “George will discuss his basic B2B strategies that drive market research business to his Read more

  10. The RMS Bunker Blog | Quirk's Approved

    The RMS Bunker Blog was recently added to the Market Research Blogs page on Quirk’  Quirk’s has always been a favorite source for us Bunker authors.  A quick visit to Quirk’ or a flip through their magazine is a sure-fire way to spark ideas for future blog posts.  The market research blogs webpage offers a comprehensive list Read more

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