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  1. Central New Yorkers Are In The Holiday Spirit!

    According to a recent poll of Central New Yorkers conducted by Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) ViewPoint, 24% of individuals purchase 10 to 12 gifts this holiday season, with 21% purchasing for 7 to 9 people, and 19% for both 4 to 6 and more than 15 people. When it comes to starting their Read more

  2. How Consumers Spend Valentine’s Day

    Since the 5th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with loved ones on February 14th to commemorate St. Valentine. Opinions differ on who St. Valentine was. Some believe there are multiple saints this holiday could have stemmed from, while others believe this holiday was created and first referenced in a poem titled, “The Parliament of Read more

  3. A Glimpse into the Mind of CNY’s Holiday Shopper

    This blog post discusses shopper statistics for the 2011 holiday season in Central New York.

  4. 11 Figures from American History Who Could Have Used Market Research

    Here in the Bunker, we believe market research is for everybody and can apply to just about every situation. To prove our point, and to continue our annual tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with a snarky blog post, we have come up with a list of significant figures from American history and Read more

  5. What Your Mother Taught You About Market Research

    With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, the day after Saturday (yes, it’s this Sunday, May 8th – yet another reminder!), we put together a few things we have heard our mothers say.  Although they probably didn’t have market research in mind as they were trying to teach us valuable life lessons, we always have market research on the Read more

  6. 8 Valentine’s Day Desires from a Market Researcher

    Here in the Bunker, we put together everything that we, as market researchers, love.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day 2011, here they are: Unexpectedly high response rates.  Reaching the survey completes quota on the first day of an online survey; recruiting a peculiar niche for a focus group in a few days; receiving a majority Read more

  7. Getting the Most out of your Market Research | 6 New Year's Resolutions

    Market Research can be quite a valuable tool for a business.  It helps a business make decisions based on actuality rather than hunches.  When going through the process of conducting research, it is important to get the most value out of it as possible.  We came up with a few tips (resolutions!) to help you get Read more

  8. Bunker Blog at a Glance | 2010

    Happy Holidays! -The Bunker *Image attained from

  9. Thanksgiving Day Fun Facts | Market Research in NY

    The Bunker did some secondary market research and put together some fun statistics about Thanksgiving Day.

  10. 5 Scary Situations That Give Market Researchers Nightmares

    The RMS Bunker Blog celebrates Halloween with some scary market research nightmares that keep us up at night. Read this post for 5 situations sure to make you tremble.

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