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  1. Choosing the Right Market Research Vendor

    Many clients have their own market research department in-house, while others have gone through the process of selecting a market research supplier.  Depending on whether you are looking for a long-term retainer firm who works as your consultant or a short-term one project supplier, the process is usually the same.  You have to select a Read more

  2. Making Decisions About Market Research | New York State

    From our guest blogger Kim Cuccaro, former Business Development Specialist at RMS. Everyone is familiar with the Nike® slogan “Just Do It”.  A lot can also be said for making a decision and going through with it.  Oftentimes businesses fail to find common ground between slapdash decision-making and a lengthier drawn out decision-making process. I commonly see Read more

  3. Market Research for Small Businesses | Northern NY

    Market research can answer many, if not all questions that a business owner has. There is an endless amount of market research that can help small and mid-size businesses. Here are some important things to keep in mind if you are part of a small or mid-size business (or starting a business) and you are considering market research.

  4. Making the Most of Your Market Research Budget

    A recap of a blog post from Relevant Insights that discusses how to make the most of market research if you have budget limitations.

  5. How Vital is Benchmarking? | Market Research

    This blog post discusses the importance of doing benchmark research and the shortfalls that are generated without one.

  6. Five Questions You Should Ask Before Doing a Market Research Project In-House

    Here at Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), we sometimes encounter clients or potential clients who want to try to conduct a market research project in-house rather than hiring us for the same work. Like the person who tries to save money on a plumber by fixing their kitchen sink themselves, sometimes it works out and Read more

  7. Facing Up to Unflattering Research Findings | Market Research

    Negative feedback or results from a market research study is tough to come to terms with, but clients should embrace and act on this information rather than ignore it.

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