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  1. 7 Tips to Boost Graduate Survey Response Rates

    One of the most basic and most commonly used types of survey instruments among higher education institutions is the graduate survey. A graduate survey is a quantitative tool that is administered to recent graduates of the college or university to better understand career progression and understand how the college or university met his or her needs. Read more

  2. 2013 Higher Education Trend: Student Retention

    According to data from the National Center for Educational Statistics, only 58 percent of first-time, full-time students who began at a four-year institution in fall 2004 completed a bachelor’s degree at that institution within six years (150 percent of normal completion time). Furthermore, according to the same source, only 30 percent of first-time, full-time students Read more

  3. 2013 Higher Education Trends: MOOCs

    Online education has been around for well over a decade now and it continues to evolve. One fairly recent model that’s getting a lot of attention in higher education is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The definition of a MOOC is still somewhat imprecise at this point, but broadly speaking, the term refers to Read more

  4. What is Secondary Research? | Case Study on Higher Ed

    What is secondary research? According to our friends at GMI, secondary research is the analysis of research that had been collected at an earlier time (for reasons unrelated to the current project) that can be applied to a study in progress. Secondary market research can be an excellent tool for decision-making and identifying future trends. Furthermore, using secondary market Read more

  5. Are Adult Learners a Growing Segment in Higher Education Institutions?

    As part of our effort to continually grow our in-house panel, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) launches a panel survey every few months to keep our members engaged. Panel members are also randomly selected for various quantitative and qualitative studies in which they may qualify for throughout the year. These panel surveys are conducted in-house Read more

  6. Program Feasibility | Higher Education Case Study

    Background: A college in New York State partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) to understand and substantiate the need for a proposed Master’s program in a specific Liberal Arts track.  The market research aimed to analyze the occupational forecast to determine if it demonstrated significant need for the Master’s program and if that need for the Read more

  7. Higher Education Market Research | Marketing Consultant

    Here in the Bunker, the RMS Analytics team has worked on a number of different market research projects for our higher education clients.  The types of market research for our higher education clients spans  both qualitative and quantitative – from focus groups to demand modeling.  This is a marketing piece that RMS put together related to Read more

  8. Adult Learners: An Important Segment for American Colleges & Universities

    Adult learners, sometimes called nontraditional students, have long been a part of the market for higher education, but in recent years the segment has grown in importance. In fact, a 2002 special analysis by the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that there were roughly the same number of nontraditional undergraduate students studying at American Read more

  9. Helicopter Parents and Their Impact on Market Research for Colleges

    The Bunker covers the topic of Helicopter parents and their impact on market research in colleges and universities.

  10. Market Research Solutions for Colleges and Universities

    Vance takes some time here in this post to describe why colleges and universities are doing more market research these days, and the different types of studies they undertake.

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