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  1. 7 Hidden Easter Eggs in Market Research Proposals

    A market research proposal is something that Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS)  deals with on a daily basis.  Market research proposals are either created in response to a specific RFP process or requested directly from a prospective client.  Because many of our clients we work with in the healthcare, higher education, and the financial industries Read more

  2. How Reliable Is Your Data? | Market Research Vendor

    With all of the market research methodologies available to a business, it’s difficult to determine which one is best. Work with your market research consultant to determine the pros and cons of each. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research vendor in Upstate, NY.

  3. The RMS Bunker Blog | Quirk's Approved

    The RMS Bunker Blog was recently added to the Market Research Blogs page on Quirk’s.com.  Quirk’s has always been a favorite source for us Bunker authors.  A quick visit to Quirk’s.com or a flip through their magazine is a sure-fire way to spark ideas for future blog posts.  The market research blogs webpage offers a comprehensive list Read more

  4. Writer's Bias on Survey Design | Surveys in Syracuse, NY

    What if I could tell you the general consensus of how respondents will answer questions in your survey, before you even fielded it?  It may sound crazy, but it’s true.  At times, the way a survey question is written has more impact on the data than the respondent’s opinion on the topic.  You wouldn’t think Read more

  5. Choosing a Market Research Firm

    A couple of weeks ago, I was part of a conference call with a potential new client. At one point, one of the people on the other end of the call said, “Tell us why we should hire RMS over another research vendor?”    It’s rare that someone states the point so succinctly, but that Read more

  6. Making Decisions About Market Research | New York State

    From our guest blogger Kim Cuccaro, former Business Development Specialist at RMS. Everyone is familiar with the Nike® slogan “Just Do It”.  A lot can also be said for making a decision and going through with it.  Oftentimes businesses fail to find common ground between slapdash decision-making and a lengthier drawn out decision-making process. I commonly see Read more

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