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  1. NCQA Consultant | RMS Healthcare Transformation

    This blog post was written by our guest blogger, Susan Maxsween, Practice Transformation Manager, here at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). Not everyone likes to admit they need help. In fact, most people would rather dive headfirst into the unknown without a clue. This rings true both on the individual scale (such as the age-old Read more

  2. Practice Transformation Through Quality Assurance | NCQA

    This post was written by our Guest Blogger Susan Maxsween who is our Healthcare Transformation Manager at RMS. Nationally, healthcare delivery is undergoing significant change and reform.  Locally, individual practices are being asked to join this movement, with the expectation of creating  more effective provider communities that: Engages the patient, as a whole person, in Read more

  3. Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) | NCQA Accreditation

    The Bunker welcomes guest blogger Susan Maxsween in this post. In this blog post she discusses the impact of Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) and it’s relationship to NCQA.

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