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  1. Five Tips to Tell a Better Story Using Market Research

    As a market research supplier, we work for a large variety of clients across many different industries. A progressing trend that we’ve come to realize not only with our clients, but within our own organization, is businesses need to get more done in less time. Some would argue that’s always been the case. Our clients’ Read more

  2. Feasibility Study Firm | Case Study About Service Expansion

    This blog post was written by Erin Wisneski, Communication Coordinator at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a feasibility study firm in Syracuse, NY. It was also featured in the Fall edition of RMS News. Background: Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) was engaged to conduct a feasibility study and needs assessment for a client looking to expand Read more

  3. Market Research Firm in Upstate NY | Celebrating 10 Years in Business

    This blog post was featured in the recent edition of “Our Town” in the Baldwinsville Messenger in November of this year. It was written by our Communications Coordinator, Erin Wisneski. At a time when businesses were moving out-of-state, Mark Dengler chose to stay in Central New York and start his own company. In early 2000, Dengler’s Read more

  4. 5 Reasons to Use a Third-Party Vendor for CAHPS Surveys

    This post was written by our guest blogger Paul Dybas, former Business Development Associate at RMS, an approved CAHPS® survey vendor. Whether your practice already conducts the CG-CAHPS® survey or is just getting started, now is a great time to consider contracting a third-party vendor to administer the survey for you. CAHPS® has been a popular topic Read more

  5. Things Market Researchers Are Thankful For

    Sandy Baker, Director of Business Development at RMS Client surveys – We practice what we preach. We survey our own customers and I am thankful that we have happy customers. I appreciate that they chose to work with us and that they take the time to give us feedback. Our clients are pleased with our Read more

  6. The Market Research Event | Day 3

    Today was the third and final day of The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference held in Boca Raton, Florida at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. It was the first appearance at the conference for Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), which is celebrating ten years in business. Overall the event was a great experience and I Read more

  7. The Market Research Event | Day 2

    Today was the second day of The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference held in Boca Raton, Florida. The conference lasts over three days from Monday, Nov. 12, through Wednesday, Nov. 14. Each day’s events are broken down to three key sections: (1) a keynote speaker or two, which all attendees of the conference attend in Read more

  8. Should You Embrace Panel Research? | Market Research Firm Syracuse, NY

    This article was written by our guest blogger Mark Dengler, President and Owner of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) and it will be featured in the upcoming edition of the RMS Newsletter. This is an age where everyone wants instant results. Not only do we want it fast, but we want it cheap and accurate. Often with market research, this Read more

  9. RMS Expands Call Center | Syracuse, NY

    Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), a full service market research firm, recently expanded its call center, which offers inbound and outbound communication services to companies seeking to outsource various department functions, especially those which traditionally require extensive staffing and intensive management. “We offer multiple businesses inbound calling services, reducing the amount of downtime and Read more

  10. Market Research in Syracuse, NY | Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS)

    Here is a quick post on our company Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS). We are a local market research company located in Syracuse, NY. The blog post discusses our industries of focus, capabilities, and mission statement.

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