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  1. Focus Groups in Syracuse, NY | Still Needed for Market Research

    This blog post discusses why focus groups are still a necessary and integral part of the market research process as a whole. It also goes on to briefly list why clients enjoy conducting focus group research with consumers.

  2. Choosing your HH-CAHPS® Vendor in NY | Now is the Time

    Looking for your HH-CAHPS vendor in NY or HCAHPS vendor in NY? Look no further than Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) located in Central NY. We will handle all of your HH-CAHPS and HCHAPS vendor needs.

  3. Customer Satisfaction Hangs on a Phone Call | Syracuse NY

    This article gives an overview of the major impact telephone experiences has on customer satisfaction and how RMS detailed similar findings in other market research projects.

  4. Introducing RMS on Twitter!

    RMS has recently added a new Twitter account.

  5. Mystery Shopping & Secret Shopping Services | Syracuse, NY

    Looking for mystery shopping services in Central NY? RMS offers a full range of market research services including mystery shopping. This post discusses a little bit about how it works and why it is a growing trend in the industry.

  6. 400 is the Magic Number | Market Research in Central NY

    This Bunker Blog post discusses the reason why 400 completes is such a common theme in market research.

  7. Making the Most of Your Market Research Budget

    A recap of a blog post from Relevant Insights that discusses how to make the most of market research if you have budget limitations.

  8. Strategic Planning Never Stops

    Creating a strategic plan is only the beginning of the real work of strategic planning.

  9. Products That Were Begging for Market Research

    This post quickly overviews some major product launches that flopped once they hit the market – all of which could have been avoided with some timely and sound market research.

  10. Five Questions You Should Ask Before Doing a Market Research Project In-House

    Here at Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), we sometimes encounter clients or potential clients who want to try to conduct a market research project in-house rather than hiring us for the same work. Like the person who tries to save money on a plumber by fixing their kitchen sink themselves, sometimes it works out and Read more

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