Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) located here in Baldwinsville, NY continues to build its online market research panel.  Since the inception of the Bunker Blog, many readers have taken advantage of this opportunity by signing up through our link in the right toolbar.  Are you interested in participating in surveys, focus groups and other market research studies with local Central NY businesses? 

It’s completely free to sign up and we will only use your contact information to send you survey invitations or information to participate in our market research.  Looking to get paid to take surveys?  Sometimes we offer surveys that reward the respondent from our panel with a stipend in the form of a check or gift card once they qualify and complete the survey.  Other times we offer entry into a sweepstakes to win larger prizes.  In most cases, if you qualify and participate in one of our focus groups, you will receive a cash stipend.  For more information read below.

What is a Research Panel?

The research panel managed by QualiSight is made up of business and consumer respondents who are interested in taking surveys, participating in focus groups and other activities around market research.  Due to geographical needs, the panel is targeted to recruit people from NY.  However, as RMS grows and our client-base continues to expand beyond New York State, this panel will continue to grow with it.

Is this Legit?

Yes, we will not use your contact information for anything other than sending you invitations to participate in a study.  Visit the RMS website by clicking here.  You can also read our privacy policy when you sign up below.  Unlike other panel companies, we do not have any sign up fee and do not sell your e-mail address or contact information to third-parties.

How do I Sign Up?

It’s easy – just click here.  The RMS sign up form asks a number of general questions and collects your contact information so we can send you invitations in the future.  You will receive an e-mail from our QualiSight Manager Lauren Krell after you submit.

We look forward to adding you to our panel!