We provide exceptional customized consulting services to enhance patient care delivery

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

Since 2010, RMS Healthcare, a division of Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc., has been leading healthcare organizations to embrace operational changes to improve the quality driven approach in providing patient-centered care delivery. We understand that every health system presents unique scenarios, challenges and ultimately, a passion to succeed.  We work closely with our clients to cultivate cohesive and long-term partnerships with our clients. We have extensive experience in in aligning practices to develop, implement and adopt processes to ensure sustainable success that embodies the tenants of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care delivery, experience in leading Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) through the certification process as well as working with facilities pursuing Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO).

Healthcare Transformation

  • Enhance patient and provider experience.
  • Assessment and enhancement of organizational policies and procedures.
  • Embrace digital and technological platforms.
  • Apply system-wide changes and enhance value.

Our approach is collaborative and nurturing, while working with your team for the process to be meaningful, impactful, and sustainable. 

Assess Client Needs

  • Evaluate current operational processes
  • Understand unique characteristics of your practice
  • Develop cohesive approaches to transform practice operations

Cultivate a Collaborative Team

  • Help staff understand they are integral in
    patient-centered care delivery
  • Empower staff to become engaged members
    of the team
  • Foster staff growth to work at maximum capabilities

Optimize Performance

  • Align patient care priorities to identify needs
  • Navigate the changing landscape of healthcare delivery in the practice
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate workflows and policies
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Workflow enhancement
  • Promoting EHR interoperability


Adopt, Implement, & Evaluate Standardized Screening Tools

  • Select standardized approaches to implement
    screening tools into current workflows
  • Identify community-based resources for patient referral
  • Evaluate resources based upon the unique characteristics
    of the patient mix

Develop Operational Enhancements

  • Maximize EMR capabilities and functionality
  • Use of Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms
  • Enhance clinical, administrative, and support staff functions

Position for Continued Success

  • Identify practice strengths and opportunities
  • Provide actionable solutions
  • Set the stage for continued growth and progress






NCQA Recognition, Accreditation, & Distinction Consulting

  • Patient-Centered Medical Home – The PCMH model of care delivers high quality, cost-effective primary care. RMS Healthcare has shepherded hundreds of practices and organizations through the PCMH transformation process with 100% success. RMS Healthcare has experience with all PCMH Distinction programs, as well as your specific state requirements to obtain the highest incentive payment possible.
  • Patient-Centered Connected Care – PCCC evaluates how ambulatory care providers, such as urgent care centers, can be part of the medical home community. RMS Healthcare helps you identify how you can communicate and connect with primary care providers to enhance patient care delivery when delivering care in an infrequent or outpatient basis.
  • Care Management Accreditation – Provides a framework for implementing evidence-based best practices for efficient, high quality care management services. RMS Healthcare utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to develop and implement care management programs. The team will work with you to implement evidence-based strategies to ensure maximized access and utilization of community-based resources.
  • Utilization Management Accreditation – Objectively and efficiently evaluates the appropriateness of required health care services utilizing evidence-based criteria. RMS Healthcare improves operational efficiencies to assist you to align with state specific requirements.
  • Health Equity Accreditation and Health Equity Accreditation Plus – These programs offer health systems the opportunity to implement an actionable framework for continuously improving health equity for patients and communities that they serve. RMS Healthcare has an understanding that health equity requires not only an understanding of determinants of health, but also a broader understanding of environmental factors that influence health decisions.

Customized Training and Education

  • Customized training and educational programs developed for your practice and organization based on identified gaps and areas of opportunity.

Federally Qualified Health Center Consulting (FQHC)

  • Targeted consulting for health centers that are currently certified as an FQHC or LAL (Look-A-Like)
  • Assessment and project management for health centers wishing to pursue FQHC or LAL certification
  • Operational Site Visit Readiness
  • Operationalizing the FQHC model of care while enhancing community partnerships

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