The Health of Your Community Starts Here.


Determining Community Needs.

Your community is unique. Shouldn’t your organization accommodate it accordingly? A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) or Community Health Assessment (CHA) not only helps you decipher where to invest resources, but also helps you identify your community needs and assets so that you can tailor your investments to improve population health.


Why You Do It.

Hospitals are given a Community Need Index (CNI) score which takes into account the economic and structural obstacles affecting your community’s overall health (factors such as income, healthcare accessibility, education, insurance, housing).

How We Help.

We conduct high-quality research and implement our findings into your community health improvement initiatives. Our expertise in project management, strategic planning, and data analysis generates your comprehensive implementation plan, devised to promote your community’s and health system’s priorities. We incorporate both primary and secondary research techniques to ensure a comprehensive assessment.


Communities Trust RMS Healthcare.

We’ve worked with many clients to guide them through their health assessments. We’re proud to not only work with some great organizations, but also to help improve the care their community receives.

We’re Here for You.

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