Previously, I discussed what I’ve learned from my time with RMS thus far as the ViewPoint Panel Coordinator. However, I did not discuss how much I’ve learned about research panels. In college, research panels are not discussed in detail, but through my time at RMS, I’ve learned that panels are an integral part of the market research industry. Why are market research panels here to stay? Click here. As the ViewPoint Panel Coordinator, I work directly with our panel every day. Some of my daily tasks include maintaining the ViewPoint member database, growing ViewPoint membership, and to promote two-way communication. Overall, this experience helped me learn the full potential and benefits of using a research panel in market research.

My role as the RMS ViewPoint Panel Coordinator is to make friends with strangers on a daily basis. Then invite them to join the RMS panel.

My role as the RMS ViewPoint Panel Coordinator is to make friends with strangers on a daily basis. Then invite them to join the RMS panel!

Here are 4 things I’ve learned about research panels:

  1. Panels save time

Research panels are created to provide easy access to willing research participants. Research panels, by nature, build convenience samples. A convenience sample is a sampling technique that reaches participants based on their openness to participating. A research project using a panel takes a fraction of the time it would take to complete the same project using alternative sample recruitment methods. For example, a company may believe posting an online survey to Facebook may generate a ton of survey completes, but there is no guarantee that these individuals want to participate. By creating a panel, market researchers can guarantee that individuals will participate.

  1. Panels save money

By using panels and saving it time, it also saves our clients money. It is as simple as that! RMS can get responses from consumers faster and less expensively. After the data is collected RMS provides clients with analysis and further insight to help you make better decisions. Check out our Analytics team to learn more about how RMS provides clients with relevant data for actionable decisions.

  1. Research panels can mimic specific demographics

RMS closely monitors the demographics of our ViewPoint research panel in order to mimic local and national demographics. RMS is headquartered near Syracuse NY, a city with residents that mirror the demographics of the United States. The majority of ViewPoint members live near this area, which makes ViewPoint a great option for a test market. Therefore, businesses can gain consumer feedback that is comparable to the national population. ViewPoint can also be used to target a specific audience. As a result, RMS can help business decision makers whether they are looking for feedback from general or niche consumers.

  1. Watch out for professional survey takers

Larger is better when developing a panel, but it’s important that RMS expands ViewPoint to the right people. RMS values providing clients with the insight needed to make business decisions, and that insight is dependent on participants’ responses. To ensure that each ViewPoint member is sincere, I welcome them through personal emails and phone calls. This also confirms that members understand ViewPoint and the values of RMS. RMS also uses filter questions in surveys and checks for straight-liners once surveys are complete to weed out professional survey takers. Our quality assurance checks ensure our clients that we are reaching the audience they intended to reach.

If you are interested in joining the RMS ViewPoint research panel please click here. ViewPoint members get paid for participating in focus groups, surveys, mystery shopping, and interviews. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm located in Syracuse, NY. If you are interested in learning more about RMS contact our Director of Business Development Sandy Baker at or by calling 1-866-567-5422.