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  1. Focus Group Best Practices & Why RMS is YOUR CNY Focus Group Facility

    If you are planning Focus Groups for your clients, let us help. CNY is a top test market in the country and we know how to find the right participants! SOME FOCUS GROUP BEST PRACTICES The Importance of Participant Selection Choose participants that represent the greater demographic and are comfortable expressing their views. The Selection Read more

  2. Outlining the Research Process: An Overview of Our Approach

    Article by Analytics Staff – At Research and Marketing Strategies (RMS), we take pride in our adherence to a tried-and-true approach to handling your research projects. Our approach is founded on a structured methodology which closely mirrors the process outlined by Google in their Data Analytics Professional Certificate. “Ask, Prepare, Process, Analyze, Share, Act” Here, Read more

  3. How Customer Lists Make Research a Snap

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator – At a glance: Recruiting Research Participants: Having an effective outreach strategy is crucial in market research, and customer lists provide a valuable resource that streamlines the process and enhances research efforts. Why Customer Lists: Using customer lists for recruiting offers benefits such as increased data integrity, targeted Read more

  4. Non-Profit Case Study: How Data Can Help Define Outreach Strategies

    Article by Molly Burke, RMS Research Analyst – Introduction: A regional non-profit organization recently partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct primary market research about community awareness and understanding regarding issues related to Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses prevalent within the region. The client wanted to gain insight on how they could Read more

  5. 3 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Next Market Research Project

    Article by Patrick Fiorenza, RMS Director of Research Analytics – One of the things that I love about market research is that it provides the opportunity to use many methods. Qualitative techniques like focus groups, in-depth interviews, observations, or intercept work. Or quantitative data like surveys or accessing secondary data resources. Then within the analysis, Read more

  6. RMS ViewPoint Panel: Helping You Make Better Decisions

    Article by Patrick Fiorenza, RMS Director of Research Analytics – Last month, I was finalizing a research report for a client. As I was reading through responses, one quote jumped out at me. To paraphrase, this individual stated, “The industry is rapidly changing, and companies need to modernize and continue to change with it.” The Read more

  7. Lessens in the Field: How to Conduct In-Depth Interviews

    Lessons from the Field: How to Conduct an In-Depth Interview

    Article by Patrick Fiorenza, RMS Director of Research Analytics – One of the biggest “ah ha” moments for me as a researcher took place when I was sitting in a course about qualitative research. At that time in my career – I had already completed thousands of qualitative interviews, led focus groups, moderated sessions – Read more

  8. Market Research: In-House or Third Party?

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator – Knowing When to Conduct Market Research – Companies seek insights into their market environment to learn customer preferences and behaviors, market trends, and what competitors are offering. Conducting Market Research In-House – Conducting market research internally could increase the possibility of bias or unreliable results, but can Read more

  9. How Market Research Supports Your Grant Writing Initiatives

    We know how competitive grants have become and how essential they are to funding many organizations’ programs and initiatives. We strongly feel that organizations should have a market research-backed grant-writing infrastructure before new proposals or opportunities arise. Being prepared with an infrastructure will expedite the grant-writing process and allow grant writers and administrators to focus Read more

  10. Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Distinctions and Uses

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator At a Glance: What’s the Difference? – Qualitative research studies opinions and attitudes using non-numerical resources like interviews and observations. Quantitative research uses numerical data to find patterns. What is Qualitative Research? – used to understand people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behavior, and interactions. Qualitative Research Methods – Examples Read more

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