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  1. Tips for B2B and B2C Marketing From RMS

    The RMS Analytics Division works with two very different audiences and it is imperative that it tailors each message accordingly. One audience is businesses, which need clear-cut professional messages. Our Analytics Division provides tailored market research and consulting in various industries such as healthcare, education, financial services, manufacturing, and others. Another audience is ViewPoint members, which Read more

  2. 5 Tips to Build a Research Panel

    Research panels have grown immensely over the past decade due to a number of factors. The major driving force behind research panels coincides with the industry’s switch to electronic and mobile platforms, coupled with the dwindling effectiveness of telephone surveying. Conducting research with panel respondents that have opted-into continued participation in research provides end-clients with Read more

  3. Real-Time Access to Survey Data Through Portals | Market Research Trends

    One option that Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) has been offering to clients more frequently is access to data portals.  These data portals allow our clients to access survey results in real-time.  This is particularly useful to clients who are conducting ongoing or longitudinal studies.  The portals allow our clients to access data at any point Read more

  4. 7 Tips for Conducting Intercept Surveys

    Intercept surveys/interviews can be a great method for obtaining data for a research project. On-site interviews are one of the best choices when you need top-of-mind feedback or need to speak to an audience that visited a specific location. We’re currently in the process of conducting multiple projects that have an intercept interview component, so we Read more

  5. 7 Survey Programming Features | Market Research Firm NY

    Finding and utilizing the right survey software is integral to the market research process. Survey software becomes a market researcher’s best friend during the design process, all the way from start to finish. Here are highlights of some survey programming features: Quality Control Features – Most survey software incorporates a multitude of quality control features Read more

  6. The True Value of Market Research | Case Study

    I came across a post from my network on LinkedIn the other day that shared the following quote from Red Adair, a famous American Oil Well Firefighter: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair The case may never be as true as it is Read more

  7. 2013 Market Research Trends: A Look Back

    Earlier this year, GreenBook put out its Research Industry Trends Report based on data it collected in the 4th quarter of 2012 (GRIT Winter 2013). The report is a terrific resource for market research suppliers and clients as well. Now, at year-end, we thought it might be worthwhile to look back at some predictions that Read more

  8. Market Research Trends for 2014

    As part of our final full staff meeting of 2013 at Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), a market research firm in Syracuse NY, I presented my Market Research Trends for 2014. Upcoming market research trends for the new year and beyond were categorized into three key perspectives: (1) What is driving the trends in Read more

  9. 2013 Market Research Trend: Growing Demand

    In examining the significant trends in market research this year and going forward, perhaps the biggest trend is also the easiest to overlook: For the foreseeable future, the need for market research will grow and there will be more market researchers. A recent study from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International has projected “market research analysts and Read more

  10. Website Usability Research | Heat Maps & In-Depth Interviews

    As we all know, websites are an extremely important component to both the marketing and operations for any given company.  At this point having a website is unlikely to be a competitive advantage for most industries, but ensuring that your web presence is thoroughly optimized for its visitors may very well be.  Through secondary research we know Read more

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