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  1. The Role of Market Research in Shaping Communities: An Interview with Sandy Baker of RMS

    Market research often lurks behind the scenes, yet its impact on businesses and communities is profound. To unravel the mysteries of this vital field, Cindy Clarke from PAC-B TV paid a visit to our corporate office and conducted a video interview with our own Sandy Baker, Vice President of Corporate Development. Below, is a summary Read more

  2. Focus Group Best Practices & Why RMS is YOUR CNY Focus Group Facility

    If you are planning Focus Groups for your clients, let us help. CNY is a top test market in the country and we know how to find the right participants! SOME FOCUS GROUP BEST PRACTICES The Importance of Participant Selection Choose participants that represent the greater demographic and are comfortable expressing their views. The Selection Read more

  3. RMS CASE STUDY: Community Needs Assessment

    Article by Analytics Staff – “We need organizations that can serve the underserved individuals in our community and continue to support and develop programs that can allow these individuals to live their best lives.” A prominent provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Onondaga County, New York, collaborated with Research and Marketing Strategies, Read more

  4. RMS & CenterState CEO Release CNY 2024 Economic Forecast

    Article by Patrick Fiorenza, RMS Director of Research Analytics – Released today, the CNY 2024 Economic Forecast report by CenterState CEO identifies trends that impacted the economy throughout 2023 and outlines opportunities and challenges for 2024 based on insights from industry leaders across our region. This year, the findings suggest a very positive outlook from Read more

  5. Top 10 Most Viewed RMS Blog Posts of 2023!

    It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching the end of 2023 and what a year it has been! If you are new to our blog, Welcome! We look forward to you joining us on an informative journey as we continue to delve into the latest trends and invaluable insights in market research. And Read more

  6. HOSPITAL CASE STUDY: Conducting an Image and Brand Awareness Study

    Article by Molly Burke, RMS Research Analyst – Introduction: A hospital recently partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct market research regarding its image and awareness. The client wanted to explore the community’s perception of their hospital compared to other regional health centers. This was achieved by collaboratively developing a telephone survey Read more

  7. RMS/OAS CAHPS Surveys – An Informative Outline

    Confused about the ins and outs of OAS CAHPS surveys? This informative outline gives a high-level overview of OAS CAHPS survey requirements and the significance of maintaining compliance. A more in-depth webinar, “Cracking the OAS CAHPS Code with rater8 and RMS“, featuring Evan Steele, Founder & CEO of rater8, and Sandy Baker, VP of Corporate Read more

  8. The Importance of Pre-Testing Your Online Survey

    Article by Molly Burke, RMS Research Analyst – It goes without saying – some level of pre-testing is a must before launching a full-scale survey. Survey Sampling International (SSI) defines a pre-test as a questionnaire that is tested on a statistically small sample of respondents before a full-scale study. The benefits of pre-testing cannot be overstated whether you Read more

  9. Insights in the Numbers

    You Have the Research, Now Turn the Numbers into Insights

    The following blog post was written by Josh Elander, Research Associate at RMS. While the numbers that result from a market research study can sometimes speak for themselves, it’s important to be comprehensive. Data should be thoroughly examined for valuable insights, and at the end of a project the findings should tell a story relevant Read more

  10. Using Demographic Segmentation in Branding Strategy

    The following post was written by Josh Elander, Research Associate at RMS. Whether or not we’re aware of it, we’re always segmenting the people we encounter; how old they are, what kind of house or car they own, and whether or not they’re raising a family. The idea of using this kind of segmentation has Read more

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