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As we get ready to welcome in 2024, we are thrilled to unveil the…

Top 10 Most Viewed RMS Blog Posts of 2023!

#10 – 7 Components of a CHNA | Community Health Needs Assessment
In order for a healthcare organization to address the overall health and needs of their community, a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is recommended. This blog post covers the 7 common components of a successful CHNA.

#9 – Three Barriers to Using Market Research | Market Research Consultant NY
This blog post examines three common barriers to using market research and how you can overcome them internally if you understand the innate value of market research, but possibly others in your organization do not.

#8 – 6 Survey Coding Tips | Survey Research in Central NY
The survey coding process for open-end questions must be undertaken carefully and the process can be very subjective, even though one may think market research analysis is meant to be objective. This blog post offers a few tips for survey coding.

#7 – The Importance of Pre-Testing Your Online Survey
The benefits of pre-testing cannot be overstated, and it goes without saying – some level of pre-testing is a must before launching a full-scale survey. This blog post discusses some reasons why pre-testing your online survey is vital.

#6 – 5 Key Components of a Market Research Feasibility Study
Arguably, there isn’t another type of market research report that offers more in-depth and thorough analysis than a market research feasibility study report. This blog post outlines five key components to any quality market research feasibility study.

#5 – What is an In-Depth Interview?
IDIs can be used for a variety of research including branding research, customer satisfaction, new product/service interest, and customer insights. IDI projects have many similarities to other market research methods, but there are some important and beneficial differences as well. Four Key Benefits of IDIs are presented in this blog post.

#4 – How to Get the Right Participants for Focus Groups
When it comes to focus groups, it’s crucial to recruit the right participants. So how do you get the right people for the job? In this blog post, we share what it takes and how we do it!

#3 – What is Rim Weighting?
Of all the techniques used in quantitative market research, rim weighting can be one of the most useful…and one of the trickiest to apply properly. Learn what it is, when to use it and view examples presented in this in-depth blog post.

#2 – What is an Intercept Survey?
RMS has a long history of conducting intercept surveys in a wide array of settings. This blog outlines three tips when preparing for an intercept survey project.

And the #1 MOST VIEWED RMS BLOG POST OF 2023 is…

Mutually Exclusive & Collectively Exhaustive Survey Tips

One of the first things colleges teach in marketing research courses regarding survey writing is making survey questions mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. Remembering this fundamental tip still helps our team make surveys precise and trouble-free for our survey respondents in Central New York and across the country. This blog delves into examples and detailed explanation on what each of the two key standards indicate – and it’s a favorite among marketing research students – which makes this our #1 MOST VIEWED BLOG POST OF 2023!

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