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  1. PCMH 2017

    The Redesigned PCMH™ Recognition Process is Here. How’s Your Practice Shaping Up?

    The following blog post was written by Maggy Stewart, Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator at RMS. This past March, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) launched the redesigned Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition program, which includes an ongoing, sustained recognition status with an annual check-in and reporting. Redesigned program features replaced the previous program’s three-year Read more

  2. RMS anniversary

    Cheers to 15 years!

    Cinco de Mayo is a significant day for Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS). This year, May 5th marks RMS’ 15th year of helping clients better understand their market perception through comprehensive data collection, surveying, assessments, focus groups and interviews. This impressive milestone marks a long journey from a three-person operation providing market research, to Read more

  3. RMS Unveils Its New Marketing Look and Design

    Recently, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) unveiled its new marketing folder giving our company a new look and design. What exactly is the new look and design? Check out the images below: The inside cover features an ‘About RMS’ section. RMS is a full-service market research firm. We specialize in providing strategically-sound solutions to the Read more

  4. Consumer Behavior Research Case Study | Linking Thoughts to Actions

    Background: In order to better understand endcap usage by shoppers, a national advertising agency engaged Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) to conduct a series of in-store intercepts and shop-alongs regarding its client’s items in a local grocery store. (What are shop-alongs? Click Here)  The end-client was a Fortune 50 multinational consumer goods company.  The intercepts and Read more

  5. Our Top 10 Market Research Trends for 2012 | Part 1

    This is a blog post written by Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) which discusses 10 trends that will likely have an impact on RMS and/or its clients in 2012.

  6. 3 Good Questions to Ask at a Kickoff Meeting | Market Research

    Market research projects stand a better chance of success when you get off on the right foot. That’s why the Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) Analytics team and other divisions at RMS make it standard to do some level of project kickoff meeting prior to the market research. This kickoff meeting can be handled over Read more

  7. What is the Difference Between a Poll and a Survey?

    Polls are constantly in the news these days. You can rarely scan the day’s headlines without finding a reference to the President’s approval rating, or the results of some other news poll about a current issue. And, of course, sports and entertainment websites are littered with unscientific reader polls, that usually consist of a single question Read more

  8. Do We Need Market Research? | Ask RMS

    All businesses engage in some form of market research.  Market research comes in all forms – both formal and informal.  One example of formalized market research would be a Fortune 50 company like Johnson & Johnson conducting a series of 16 different focus groups across the country to test three new varieties of Listerine, followed by Read more

  9. The Bunker Ad Critic | Market Research for Advertising

    I’ve long believed that a lot of people who work in the broad range of marketing fields are frustrated, would-be advertising copywriters. I certainly am. When I was in graduate school, I envisioned myself moving on to an advertising career, being one of the people responsible for clever and funny television commercials. It didn’t quite Read more

  10. Musings from Mobile Research Participants | Survey Tips

    As mobile research continues to gain a broader appeal and acceptance in the market research field, it also forces the industry to revisit how surveys are written.  Not that they were ever overwhelmingly popular to begin with but many firms are choosing or have already chosen to do away with mail/paper surveys in favor of online Read more

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