The following blog post was written by Maggy Stewart, Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer.

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As we gear up for 2019, now is the perfect time to look back at the market research trends of 2018 and discover which blog topics our readers found most helpful. Over the past year, our most popular blog articles covered a variety of research trends including customer and patient satisfaction, as well as survey results obtained through RMS’ own ViewPoint research panel. With healthcare research and the patient experience movement on the rise, our readers & subscribers (thank you for subscribing!) took a solid interest in practice transformation and patient satisfaction surveying. As the topic of customer-centricity continues to explode, customer surveys and experience research were also some of our most searched and read topics. What market research trends captivated our readers the most over the past year? Read on to refresh and get a jump start for the new year.


1. The NYS PCMH™ Recognition Program Is Here
By Susan Maxsween, Vice President of Healthcare Operations & Consulting

NYS PCMH Recognition
Better health, lower costs and better patient experiences. The New York State Department of Health established a partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) with the goal of launching an enhanced payment model that focuses on patient-centered practice transformation in all New York state primary care practices. The launch of the NYS Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Standards and Guidelines provides a common foundation, aligning NYS Medicaid and SIM/APC toward the development of a unified practice transformation program. Read more…


2. Butter, Beef Sundaes & ZZ Top: The Annual New York State Fair Survey Results Are In
By Maggy Stewart, Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

NYS Fair 2018

The New York State Fair is a pretty big deal here in the Syracuse, New York area. And not only because our beloved city is the host of the annual statewide event, but because people come from all over to enjoy the 13 days of fun that this summer send-off festival has to offer. Every year RMS surveys consumers from all over the state to find out what fair attractions they’re most excited to see. Read more…


3. The Market Research Forecast For 2018
By Mark Dengler, President & Owner

What's the #MRX Forecast for 2018?

With technology driving every aspect of new products and services, our customers are continuously looking for quick, detailed information that allows them to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace. While remaining relevant in the marketplace, it is also a virtue of our clients to uphold the top priority of customer and patient experiences. As predicted in President Mark Dengler’s research forecast for 2018, RMS has seen significant growth within our healthcare division, as more and more healthcare clients have adopted patient satisfaction surveying as a core quality measure in determining patients’ overall experience. Focus groups saw a major resurgence in 2018, and with the growing focus of the customer experience, we saw a significant uptick in industry segments looking to hear first-hand the voice of the customer (VoC), utilizing our onsite focus group facility and taking advantage of our location in Central New York, one of the nation’s top test markets. Read more…


4. Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong With Your Customer Surveys
By Maggy Stewart, Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Customer Experience Satisfaction Surveys
By now, you’ve probably noticed a persistent trend throughout our top blogs of 2018: customer experience is everywhere. And it’s no surprise — research shows the most successful brands have adopted fluid CX strategies to not only on-board customers, but to retain them as well. And it works. But uncovering customers’ honest experiences takes some know-how, including how to approach customers for their opinions, and how to do it the right way to avoid wasting your time and theirs. Read more…


5. The Most Important Things To Consider When Selecting Your Patient Satisfaction Firm
By the RMS Business Development Team

Healthcare Surveys and Research
With a large number of healthcare consulting and research firms out there, how do you go about selecting the best fit for your needs? Partnering with a healthcare consulting & research firm makes sense — while any survey firm can design and program a survey, not every firm understands the power of patients, the complexities of the healthcare industry, the CMS & government mandates, or the CAHPS® survey guidelines. It makes sense to sign on with a partner who understands healthcare trends, terms, regulations and how the constantly-evolving delivery system models function. Read more…

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