The following blog post was written by Susan Maxsween, Senior Director of Healthcare Operations & Compliance at RMS.

NYS PCMH Recognition

The New York State Department of Health established a partnership with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) with the goal of launching an enhanced payment model that focuses on patient-centered practice transformation in all New York state primary care practices. The launch of the NYS Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Standards and Guidelines provides a common foundation, aligning NYS Medicaid and SIM/APC toward the development of a unified practice transformation program. This enhanced platform focuses on value-based care, with an emphasis on behavioral health, certified information technology, population health, stringent patient care management, and the potential to position primary care practices for multi-payer support built on value-based payment programs. Ultimately, the overall goal is to improve primary care outcomes and to facilitate effective stewardship of healthcare services and resources in a comprehensive and integrated approach. NYS PCMH has added 12 additional Core Criteria. These criteria are mandatory for all NYS practices, whether you are just committing to the journey or are pursuing annual reporting as a currently recognized PCMH. The NYS PCMH program criteria strives to incorporate the Triple Aim: better health, lower costs and better patient experience, and also to demonstrate alignment with MIPS and MACRA standards.

New York PCMH Save Money

The PCMH model of care is the driving force behind some of the most important reforms in healthcare delivery. According to NCQA, PCMHs are saving money by reducing hospital and emergency department visits, minimizing health disparities and improving patient outcomes. NYS has released an enhanced version of PCMH, focusing on the integration of behavioral healthcare and value-based payment agreements. Value-based payment agreements will increase your incentive dollars when you are a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Becoming a PCMH in New York state is a true a true transformation and a journey. This journey can only be successful if you are truly analyzing workflows, quality improvement data and patient experience. RMS Healthcare is here to mentor you through your journey of transforming to a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

New York PCMH Recognition

The team at RMS Healthcare is prepared to coach and mentor NYS practices through the new, enhanced PCMH Recognition process. RMS Healthcare has an unwavering commitment to excellence, providing you with the technical and personalized coaching needed to become a sustainable PCMH. With over 8 years of practice transformation experience and having assisted primary care and internal medicine practices from small, rural, solo-practitioner sites to collaborating with ACOs and ACNs across the state, we have a rich history in working with practices pursuing recognition under the 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017 standards. Our team provides individualized work plans, facilitates needed trainings, assists with maximizing the use of your EMR and other HIT platforms, as well as assistance with creating and managing workflows within your practice. RMS Healthcare’s focus is to become an integral and cohesive member of our partnering practices and organizations, with the aim to enhance overall patient care delivery. Your practice, our expertise, the path to NYS PCMH Recognition starts here. RMS Healthcare is here to help you succeed.

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