The following blog post was written by the RMS Business Development Team.

Healthcare Surveys and Research

With a large number of healthcare consulting & research firms out there, how do you go about selecting the best fit for your consultative needs? Whether it’s patient satisfaction surveys or health needs assessments you’re looking to conduct, partnering with a healthcare consulting & research firm makes sense, right? Here’s why having a firm that specializes in the back office optimization of your healthcare organization is beneficial:

Healthcare Focused Staff

Healthcare-Focused Staff

While any survey firm can design and program a survey, not every firm understands the power of patients and the complexities of the healthcare industry. Having a team of individuals with 50+ years of healthcare-related market research & surveying experience is highly beneficial for understanding healthcare trends, terms, regulations and how the ever-changing delivery system models function. And a team with specialized educations in both healthcare and analytics doesn’t hurt either. While in the process of selecting a firm to take on your CAHPS®1 or patient satisfaction surveying, Community Health Needs Assessment, Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition™ or HIPAA training, consider a team with not only proven experience and contributory educations in the industry, but one whose knowledge far exceeds those of a firm valuing the quantity of its clients over the quality of your patients’ experiences.

Familiarity With Patients

Familiarity with Patients

Because we already conduct custom patient surveys and CAHPS surveys, we understand the patient landscape from a market research angle. We recognize that patients don’t always see the purpose in healthcare systems’ surveying procedures or why participating in or conducting market research is important. We take this into consideration when committing to your market research project, providing personalized materials and marketing initiatives developed to achieve higher response rates and greater engagement.

CMS Approved CAHPS Patient Satisfaction Survey Vendor

A Trusted CMS-Approved Vendor

RMS is among a select group of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved survey vendors, with a solid focus on optimizing relationships with our healthcare clients. With over ten years of patient satisfaction surveying experience, our firm takes it a few steps farther, guaranteeing personalized and quality healthcare consulting and research to enhance the patient experience, citing years of proven deliverables that have helped numerous facilities gain incentives and boost their ROI (check out some of our healthcare research case studies regarding hospital revenue management, residential living feasibility, and improving CAHPS response rates). RMS also makes it easy to customize surveys, affordably tailoring your research needs to the satisfactory outcomes you’re looking for.



RMS Healthcare, a division of Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), provides operational support, consulting and research services, tailoring our expertise to optimize your organization’s performance. We are a leading healthcare team with proven experience and success in patient surveying and practice transformation. Interested in obtaining more information about patient experience, CAHPS surveying, needs assessments, PCMH Recognition, training or patient satisfaction surveying? Contact Sandy Baker at or give us a call at 315.635.9802.