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At Research and Marketing Strategies (RMS), we take pride in our adherence to a tried-and-true approach to handling your research projects. Our approach is founded on a structured methodology which closely mirrors the process outlined by Google in their Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

“Ask, Prepare, Process, Analyze, Share, Act”

Here, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process we follow, so you can see how our skilled research team will handle your research project.

Ask: The process begins with understanding your needs. During an initial Kickoff Meeting, we will engage in a detailed conversation with clients and stakeholders. This is where we identify your research objectives, budgetary considerations, timeframes, and your preferred method of receiving insights, like dashboards, reports, or presentations. 

Prepare: The preparation phase is where we fine-tune the details of the research. Based on the information gained in the Kickoff Meeting, researchers formulate the questions to be asked of respondents, taking special care in how they will be worded, and considering the overall experience for participants. This is the stage where surveys are designed, programmed, approved by clients and stakeholders, and distributed to recipients. 

Process: As survey responses are collected, researchers clean and standardize the data to make it easy to use in their analyses. This entails eliminating extraneous responses, errors, and any inconsistencies within the data.

Analyze: With the data cleaned and organized, the analysis phase begins. Here, our researchers sort and sift through the information, employing various statistical and analytical techniques to find relationships, trends, and patterns that help reach your research objectives.

Share: When it’s time to reveal the findings, our team puts their creative skills to work. Researchers create visualizations, like charts and graphs, to make their insights clear and easy-to-understand for clients and stakeholders. Custom reports are created to present the information in a personalized, easy-to-use format.

Act: The final step is all about turning insights into action. Researchers use the research findings to develop recommendations on how to solve various business problems and identify strategic goals that will help you and your organization make sound business decisions.

By following the steps outlined in this process, RMS ensures that your project is handled in a consistent, precise way, ultimately leading to confidence in your organizational decision making.

RMS is a full-service market research firm located in Baldwinsville, NY. If you are interested in learning more about our research capabilities, please contact Sandy Baker, our Vice President of Corporate Development at or by calling 1-866-567-5422.

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Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) is a full-service market research firm in Central New York. Formed in 2002, RMS helps organizations that are looking to know more about their customers and/or potential customers. They conduct surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping, studies and analysis. Each project is customized and gets personal attention by the best in the business. RMS has a reputation for getting results and offers an independent means to conduct telephone, on-line and mail surveying, In-depth interviews, intercept interviews, and participant recruitment as well as focus group hosting through QualiSight, its onsite call center and focus group facility. Taking advantage of the region’s reputation for being a great market study barometer, RMS recruits and moderates for focus groups, community forums and town meetings.