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  1. World Kidney Day 2020: Recognizing the Importance of Dialysis Patient Experiences

    As we take a moment to recognize World Kidney Day—March 12, 2020—we are also vastly approaching the Spring 2020 cycle for ICH CAHPS® dialysis facilities. The ICH CAHPS Survey is a means to engage patients in sharing their experience with the facility and provider. As part of the national move to a value-based, outcomes-driven healthcare Read more

  2. 2013 Healthcare Trend: Getting the Most Value from Measuring your Patient Experience

    This blog post was written by our guest bloggers from the RMS Healthcare Transformation Team. Measuring patient experience is a growing trend in healthcare and a pivotal element in providing quality patient care.  Although it has been federally mandated for hospitals and home health agencies for a number of years, the Centers for Medicare and Read more

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