In today’s social media world of Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (to name a few) it can be easy for your business to fall behind.  With local businesses all across Central New York adding Facebook pages and blogs to their advertising campaign, it can often seem overwhelming at times.  We talk to a lot of businesses in the Syracuse area who don’t know where to start their social media plunge while others have already made the attempt but don’t understand how to generate business from it.

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The importance of having a web presence cannot be understated.  Websites became a must-have a long time ago, now the same can be said about having a presence on social media websites.  Search engines have become a major driving force for finding information about businesses.  More often than not a person will first jump to Google if they are looking for restaurant reviews, product feedback, or store hours.  Blogs have become absolutely vital to improving your Google rank on search terms.  A website alone will not set your business apart from your competition.  Through social media, you can make your business readily found on Google for any number of search terms.  The key is if you are an Italian restaurant here locally – you want to be at or near the top of the search results when someone searches “Italian restaurant in Syracuse.”  RMS will create that presence for you.

We see situations all the time where a business should have put more thought into their decisions on which social media outlets to choose.  For example, Facebook is the most used social media website, but creating a profile for your business on it may actually harm your reputation more than help it.  Think in terms of a business like a healthcare office, family therapist or pest removal.  All three businesses have aspects that would either compromise personal information or might embarrass the people publicizing their “friend status” with those organizations.  In those situations, the business is not likely to garner many friends in their network so efforts might be better spent through other venues.  The social media assessment through RMS will accomplish that for your business.

From there RMS will work as a social media consultant to your business.  In addition to the social media assessment, RMS can create your accounts and work with your team to generate blog posts that focus on search engine optimization, which will put your business on the front page of Google for key search terms.

Interested in working with a social media consultant in Syracuse, NY?  Contact or contact the Analytics team at 315-635-9802.