This article was featured in the Winter 2013/2014 edition of RMS News – a publication of Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS).

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Here are five tips and tricks to having more effective employees in 2014:

  • (1) Right Roles for the Right People – Understanding your employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and likes and dislikes can go a long way in employee and employer satisfaction. Assessing staff using scenario based questions and having them show or explain how they would apply their knowledge in a specific situation can aid effective decisions.
  • (2) Clear Communication & Direction – Ensuring frequent and effective communication is crucial to the performance of an employee meeting and exceeding your expectations. Setting time aside every week to meet one-on-one and/or as a group is very productive with a focused meeting agenda. An employee who understands the direction of the company and its goals is more apt to help you with a valuable contribution above and beyond his/her regular job requirements.
  • (3) Remove Negativity – Purge negative talk because it drains energy from the organization. Negativity effects communication and morale within the company. Don’t let negativity be the kryptonite that cripples your organization.
  • (4) Hold Employees Accountable – Set clear objectives and timeframes for each project and hold employees accountable. Regularly scheduled evaluations are recommended. Grade on performance and reward success.
  • (5) Let People Be Super! – Once you’ve got your employees in the right positions, trust them. Enable them with tasks and projects that will allow them to show off their creativity and skills. Celebrate success.

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