That is the number one factor in predicting overall satisfaction at the workplace according to a recent Best Places to Work study conducted by Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) in Baldwinsville, NY. RMS recently completed its 2nd annual CNY’s Best Places to Work Study in a partnership with BizEventz, the Business Journal News Network, and many local businesses in Central and Upstate NY. Each year the awards ceremony ranks top organizations in a 16 county area in New York State. A formal report is prepared for each winning organization by RMS which details how the organization ranks in relation to its peers, but the large pool of data collected also allows the RMS Analytics team to dig deeper to address more global findings across all organizations.

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With over 2,000 completes among participating organizations both small and large, it provides the opportunity for analysts to run additional analysis on the Central New York employment marketplace. The branded 52 question EmPulse employee satisfaction survey script allows RMS to address both importance and satisfaction in six key areas of employment:

  • Direction
  • Execution
  • Connection
  • Supervisors
  • Work
  • Pay & Benefits

Although “making your work more than just a job” can be considered self-fulfilling by some (because it is assumed people pursue jobs that match their skill-set and interests), the point should be well-taken by all organizations.

“Organizations should strive to create meaning behind employees’ work, whether it is helping a colleague, helping a business, or helping a stranger. Creating meaning and purpose behind day-to-day work will help form a stronger organizational passion and culture.”

Ranks of organizations for the Best Places to Work are determined by looking at a number of variables including overall satisfaction ratings, importance of each employment category, and scores for each of the specific questions.

“An enjoyable fact about our scoring process is we, as the analysts, don’t deem what is or should be most important to employees, nor does BizEventz or any other organization when deciding on a best place to work. We let the employees rank what is most important in the workplace and then let them deem how satisfied they are with each factor.” – George Kuhn, Director of Research Services and Moderator at RMS

Another factor that was highly correlated with overall satisfaction in the workplace was employees reporting their “supervisor listened and responded to employee ideas.” This had strong correlation ties in the data as those who were happy with this factor were more likely to report a higher overall satisfaction and vice-versa.

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Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) is a market research firm and employee survey vendor. All of the statistics collected in your EmPulse employee survey can be bench-marked to other similar company’s scores across the country. If you are interested in conducting an employee survey with RMS contact our Business Development Director Sandy Baker at or by calling 1-866-567-5422.