Hi I’m Emily – the Social Media and Panel Coordinator at Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS). You may recognize me from previous blog posts, LinkedIn, or we may have conversed via email or phone if you’re a member of the RMS ViewPoint Research Panel or another panel I manage. Typically, when I tell a friend or family member what I do, they are only familiar with the first half of my title (Social Media Coordinator) unless they are savvy in market research. Let’s explore my daily responsibilities related to social media and panel coordination to break down those barriers in understanding!

For me, being on time means being 15 minutes early, so I get a head start every day. I love getting to the office early because it allows me to organize my to-do list and quickly check my inbox before the day gets ahead of me. Next, I always start scheduling social media posts into Buffer for Research Analyst & Social Media Strategist at RMS, Erica, to review. While I’m scheduling content, I may make last minute edits, create additional content, check that all links still work correctly, and add in appropriate hash tags when applicable. After all posts are ready to go, I scour my favorite online sources for relevant content I can use for next week’s social media lineup. I prepare RMS’s social media content a week before we post it on our outlets. This includes creating images, organizing posts, creating content, incorporating appropriate hash tags, researching trends, and prepping the content to be posted. The social media strategy is very dynamic at RMS, so there are many “rules” (as I call them) that need to be followed on each platform. These rules allows us to ensure that our content uses effective branding, reaches the optimal number of people, and engages our target audiences.

Once I finish up my daily social media tasks, I focus on the other half of my job title, Panel Coordinator. To explain it simply, I manage the RMS ViewPoint Research Panel and research panels that we build for clients. Panel management includes creating growth strategies, implementing registration processes, database management, implementing quality control measures, capturing desired information based on the clients’ needs, and updating clients on panel progress. Creating growth strategies is where I can apply the most creativity, and have the most fun. Growth strategies can range from attending or hosting events, to creating high-powered campaigns.

In addition to this work, I also help my fellow Analytics team members with any projects that may need an extra hand. This can range from drafting a survey, assisting with report writing, creating a report template, conducting an in-depth interview, coding survey responses, proofing, or anything else that falls in my lap! I’m always ready to help out where needed, especially when I can learn new skills, and I’m sure my coworkers will attest to that. I will typically fit this type of work into my schedule as needed, which mixes my days up a bit (and I LOVE that). Throughout the day you may catch me checking the RMS social media accounts and my inbox for activity. My week also has a sprinkle of meetings and/or events to attend. I like to continually expand my skill set and think creatively, so you might also catch me at a local park or coffee shop writing, volunteering with a local organization, or enjoying the outdoors! If you live in CNY you know all too well that you have to take advantage of warm weather while it lasts, because you cannot always go kayaking, running, or hiking! Nonetheless, I hope you have learned a little more about me and my role as the Social Media and Panel Coordinator at RMS. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you!

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