Article by Pat Fiorenza, Research Analytics Manager – RMS

RMS is happy to share that we are hiring a Research Analyst to join our Analytics team at RMS. RMS is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, and we are looking to grow our well-established, energetic and passionate team of analysts. The entire team at RMS would welcome the chance to review your resume and explore you joining RMS. This is your chance to be part of a collaborative and innovative team working in the Market Research field. If you love data, analytics, exploring new methods, survey design, modeling, and get a kick out of Excel formulas – I hope you take the time to review the job description. Please feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or email with questions.

I joined RMS in February 2022. I remember the anxiety, stress, and frustration of the job search. At the same time, it is truly exciting – you’re starting a new beginning, and if your path leads you to RMS, you’ll be part of a great team. As you research us, I thought I’d give you a jump start, so here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like at RMS.

Culture at RMS

We work hard on our culture. We do a monthly event as a team (virtual and in-person), volunteer at events, and have many ways that we like to connect and give back to our community here in Baldwinsville and Central New York. We do work hard, there is no doubt about that. But we take care of each other. We respect different work styles, and I think you’ll find that we have a warm, welcoming, inclusive team. We offer a lot of flexibility in when and how we work. We are working primarily in a hybrid model. This can be challenging for a new employee, so we are intentional about ensuring everyone feels part of our culture and the team.

Types of Projects

One of my favorite parts about market research is that no two projects are the same. Even if it’s a repeat client, there is always something different, fun, exciting, and challenging about the work. We do both primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative projects (often both). Data sets can be as small as 20 or thousands. In this role, you’ll be expected to work on tasks across the entire spectrum of a research project. We do not have people who specialize in one area. You will learn how to program our surveys and do qualitative analysis, quantitative, and mixed methods research. This is part of the collaborative approach. You get richer insights through more exposure to different projects, methods, and clients. Our industries are mostly healthcare, education, and energy. However, we’ve worked for many sectors (financial, manufacturing, retail and non-profits).

Statistical Work

I have taken many statistics courses – structural equation modeling, regression, factor analysis, inferential testing, t-tests, ANOVAs (personal favorite), correlation, MaxDiff, conjoint, clustering, and segmentation. At RMS, the method or statistical analysis flows from having a firm understanding of the need of the client, their sophistication, budget, and time. We are intentional about providing valuable and actionable recommendations, which does not always require a complicated statistical model.

What Will Make You Successful in this Role

You must like to (and want to) roll up your sleeves. There’s no task too big and no task too small. We are constantly focused on doing the best quality project. Since we are working in a hybrid setting, we focus on communication. You’ll also really have to love data and getting in the weeds. You will be coding open ended responses, cleaning data, checking data quality and document practices. You’ll also be writing reports and interfacing with clients – the work is fast-paced, so you’ll have to be comfortable prioritizing tasks.

If you are involved in the Market Research field and looking for a change, I hope you consider RMS seriously. I truly believe when you can merge someone’s passion and purpose at work, you elevate the entire team. There’s ample opportunity for growth here at RMS. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.

Please see the Research Analyst job description.