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  1. 2013 Higher Education Trends: Student Housing

    Some of the more dramatic ongoing trends in higher education over the past decade or so have surrounded student housing. Due to a variety of factors including generational tastes, competition between institutions and broader trends in the overall housing market, the nature of student housing has been transforming on and near college campuses across the United Read more

  2. 2013 Higher Education Trends: Fiscal Challenges

    Last month, Moody’s Investors Services issued a negative outlook for the entire U.S. higher education sector. The main reason cited for the outlook was increased fiscal pressure on key university revenue sources. A major contributor to that pressure is increased tuition price sensitivity among potential students. High tuition and the prospect of crushing debt levels after graduation Read more

  3. 2013 Higher Education Trends: MOOCs

    Online education has been around for well over a decade now and it continues to evolve. One fairly recent model that’s getting a lot of attention in higher education is the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The definition of a MOOC is still somewhat imprecise at this point, but broadly speaking, the term refers to Read more

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