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  1. How to Manage a Consumer Research Panel

    How to Manage a Consumer Research Panel Step #3: Growth This post is the third in a series revealing the secrets of how RMS has had success with panel management. The first post discussed the importance of welcome calls, and the second post described quality control measures. This blog post will provide information on research Read more

  2. 5 Steps to Create a Customer Panel

    Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) understands the significance of research panels. RMS created ViewPoint, its proprietary research panel, in order to have quick and easy access to research participants. Through the responses gained from ViewPoint, RMS helps clients respond to business opportunities. For information about joining, and the benefits to joining the RMS ViewPoint Read more

  3. The Benefits of Developing a Customer Panel | Market Research

    Research panels are becoming increasingly important for data collection in market research. Access to research participants is becoming more limited and segmented (mainly due to the phasing out of the landline telephone due to younger generations, and their wide Internet adoption). Research panels help provide a way around these issues, while also serving many other Read more

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