Here in the Bunker, we put together everything that we, as market researchers, love.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day 2011, here they are:

  1. Unexpectedly high response rates.  Reaching the survey completes quota on the first day of an online survey; recruiting a peculiar niche for a focus group in a few days; receiving a majority of the mail survey responses in first few batches of incoming mail – these are all things we love!
  2. Large respondent pools.  This goes along with high response rates; having a large pool of respondents to work with makes the initial stages of the research process a lot easier, and along with that, a lot more reliable as you are likely to receive more completes.
  3. Full attendance at focus groups.  Our research relies heavily upon participants when conducting focus groups.  When questionable weather is on the horizon, a market researcher is always worried about being stood-up by respondents.
  4. Respondents that provide valuable and clean information.  Well thought out answers create a great foundation for market research.  Knowing the respondent really took the time to contribute their input is something we love.  A bonus desire: respondents who use proper spelling and grammar while entering open-ended responses.
  5. Receiving thanks from survey respondents.  Every so often we run into a respondent where they are not only willing to voice their feedback, but also appreciate the opportunity to provide their feedback to our client. 
  6. Having those “ah-ha” moments when analyzing data.  Drawing valuable recommendations from the research and finding information that we know will help the client is one of the things we love the most.  Those “ah-ha” moments – the need for a specific change that becomes realized in the research process – make our jobs worthwhile.
  7. When a client acts on the findings of a research project.  Knowing that your research report isn’t just collecting dust always makes you feel good about the research you conducted.  Seeing a company take and act on your findings is especially nice.  Every so often, you might see your data included in the new marketing campaign that goes out to the masses.
  8. Seeing the end value your research provides to the client.   Seeing your market research incorporated into a business plan is a wonderful feeling – especially when the business sees a great return and achieves their goals.  In feasibility studies, seeing concepts that were tested get built and flourish into something great is what we love to see.

These are some of the things we love as market researchers.  I’m sure there are many more things, so please feel free to comment and add the things you love to the list!