We all know how important it is to keep in touch with your customer-base in order to make sure they are satisfied, to understand them better, to test interest of new ideas, and so on.  When conducting market research, there are quite a few advantages telephone surveying will provide over other methodologies (such as web surveys or mail surveys).  Here are some of the benefits phone surveys should be recognized for:

1) Increased quality control.  By using experienced callers to administer surveys you are creating an additional filter for quality control.  This will ensure not only that respondents are properly answering the questions and interpreting the question correctly, but also that any issues or concerns with the script and research process are immediately brought to the attention of the research team. 

2) Boosted response rate.  It’s much easier to say no to a web or mail survey.  Our experience here in the Bunker has time after time again shown that telephone surveys conducted among customers (and even non-customers) will provide a better response rate than web or mail in most scenarios.  When you are calling somebody to conduct a phone survey, it forces them to set aside the time to take the survey.  There is some level of convenience with being able to take the survey right then and there.  As simple as a web survey and a mail survey might to be fill out, you don’t have to worry about Internet connectivity issues or instructions to return the survey in the mail.

3) An added personal touch.  Conducting phone surveys with customers carries with it the added benefit of a personal touch.  Phone surveying lets the customer know that the business really cares about hearing their feedback.  It also allows a business to ensure satisfaction or take any possible wrongs, and turn them into rights (before the customer tells everyone they are dissatisfied). 

4) An in-between methodology.  Phone surveying is a happy medium between face-to-face surveying and web/mail surveys, with regards to both anonymity and survey-taking obligations.  There is a level of anonymity over the phone, which allows people to be more open and forthcoming with their responses. In addition, by talking with somebody first-hand (over the phone), there is an on-the-spot expectation to properly answer the questions.

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