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  1. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Intercept Surveys: 3 Essential Tips

    Intercept surveys serve as invaluable tools for gathering on-site feedback from various audiences, whether at events, airports, bus routes, restaurants, conferences, or shopping malls. These surveys provide organizations with immediate insights into patron perceptions while their experiences are still fresh in their minds. However, to ensure the success of an intercept survey project, it’s crucial Read more

  2. Patient Perspectives: Member Satisfaction Survey

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator – Introduction Our client wanted to know: How can we continue to provide care that aligns with members’ needs and preferences? RMS recently worked with a managed care plan to administer a member satisfaction survey. Our client wanted to identify areas where the Plan meets or exceeds expectations Read more

  3. RMS CASE STUDY: Financial Institution Perception Survey

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator – Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc., (RMS) recently partnered with a financial institution specializing in checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgage loans, and personal loans. (RMS) was to conduct a community perception survey. They used findings gathered from the study to enhance their services and develop marketing strategies and Read more

  4. Healthcare Case Study: How We Helped Understand Factors Related to Provider Engagement

    Article by Molly Burke, RMS Research Analyst – Introduction: A national behavioral health network recently partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) to conduct market research with the contracted healthcare providers within their network. The client wanted to explore why these providers within their network were not accepting or providing services to patients with Read more

  5. The Importance of Pre-Testing Your Online Survey

    Article by Molly Burke, RMS Research Analyst – It goes without saying – some level of pre-testing is a must before launching a full-scale survey. Survey Sampling International (SSI) defines a pre-test as a questionnaire that is tested on a statistically small sample of respondents before a full-scale study. The benefits of pre-testing cannot be overstated whether you Read more

  6. RMS Case Study: Making Your Satisfaction Survey Matter

    Article by Ryan Moore, RMS Research Coordinator Our client wanted to know: How can we improve our workplace culture and best support our staff? When a large medical facility partnered with RMS to conduct an employee satisfaction survey, its goal was to assess the needs and values of those employed across nearly a dozen offices Read more

  7. What Is An Intercept Survey?

    An intercept survey is a research method used to gather on-site feedback from an audience. Intercept surveys are often used at events, restaurants, conferences, and in shopping malls to collect patron perception information. During an intercept survey, the interviewer may approach a patron to ask about their experience at the event, facility or restaurant. Results Read more

  8. Importance of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    3 Reasons You Should Really Take That Patient Satisfaction Survey

    The following blog post was written by Christine Benn, Business Development Coordinator at RMS. In a world where we seem to be inundated with surveys (like receipt surveys and purchase experience emails), which ones are worth filling out? Believe it or not, your healthcare provider’s patient satisfaction survey is one survey that’s well worth your Read more

  9. Qualities of a Great Telephone Survey Associate

    The following blog post was written by Meghan House, CAHPS Associate at RMS. A Telephone Survey Associate (TSA) is a fundamental part of any Call Center. From customer satisfaction to business lead qualification, a TSA is the face, or rather the voice, of the company. They are the persona that is portrayed each time someone is Read more

  10. The Ideal Market Research Participation Incentive

    It is common practice for market researchers to encourage participation in research studies by providing incentives. What many researchers struggle with is the decision to provide multiple incentives of a smaller value, or fewer incentives of a larger value, as well as, what type of incentive to offer. Which option will encourage optimal participation? Opinions Read more

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