The following blog post was written by Christine Benn, Business Development Coordinator at RMS.

Importance of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

In a world where we seem to be inundated with surveys (like receipt surveys and purchase experience emails), which ones are worth filling out? Believe it or not, your healthcare provider’s patient satisfaction survey is one survey that’s well worth your time. At RMS, we believe in the power of patients — through our years of experience as a patient satisfaction survey & CMS*-approved CAHPS®1 vendor, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why you should consider taking that survey the next time around.

Why are patient surveys important

Do you want to receive up to 10 telephone calls? Yes, 10! Since some patient satisfaction surveys are mandated by CMS, the survey vendor must follow all survey protocols. For some patient surveys, this includes vendors making up to ten phone call attempts. Consider answering and completing the questionnaire before the survey vendor is required to try your phone number another 9 times.

Patient Survey Quality Improvement

Do you find yourself wishing the healthcare system could be improved? Have a say in healthcare delivery and help drive quality improvements through your feedback. Patient satisfaction surveys give you a voice in the quality and coordination of care. Even better, healthcare organizations are now more likely than ever to take your input and improve their quality of care due to government reform incentives and mandates.

Patient Experience Surveys Drive Quality Improvement

Hang in there. You may receive several surveys throughout the year (depending on how many facilities you are receiving care at), but it’s important to continually participate. Change, especially in healthcare, doesn’t happen overnight. The data a facility receives over time will allow them to pinpoint areas for improvement, set standards and take action where needs fall short.

*Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
1Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research  and Quality

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