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Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc., (RMS) recently partnered with a financial institution specializing in checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgage loans, and personal loans. (RMS) was to conduct a community perception survey. They used findings gathered from the study to enhance their services and develop marketing strategies and campaigns to attract new customers.


This study was designed to explore how customers residing in the financial institution’s Primary Market Area use financial services, what they think is essential in a financial institution, assess comparative position in the market, and identify ways to improve their services.


RMS designed, conducted, and managed a 10–12-minute mixed-mode (online and telephone) survey of residents in the PMA. RMS achieved a statistically relevant sample size and low margin of error, giving the client confidence in the findings. The research explored:

  • Individuals’ awareness of financial institutions in the clients PMA.
  • Decision factors considered when seeking checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, and mortgages.
  • Participants’ satisfaction with their current financial institution.


The study findings suggested that the brand name was relatively well-known in the region. However, their offerings and services were not. RMS suggested maintaining and promoting competitive rates to members and the community in general and conducting education on the benefits and opportunities of switching existing financial services.

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About the Author – Ryan Moore

As RMS Research Coordinator, Ryan assists the analytic team with managing projects, including designing surveys, survey programming, interviewing, analyzing data, and summary reporting. He works within the research department to interpret primary and secondary data, helping to identify key findings and trends. Ryan also assists in project recruitment.

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