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  1. Dangers of Using Online Survey Sites | How Much Are You Willing to Risk?

    One of the largest barriers we face as a market research firm in Syracuse, NY, is our prospective clients stating they are using/will use online survey sites such as Survey Monkey and Zoomerang to conduct their research. The cost savings up-front (and I emphasize up-front) are hard to ignore. In many cases, you can use online Read more

  2. The Challenge of Reaching Young Adults Through Survey Research

    There is a certain irony when it comes to young adult Americans when it comes to market research: No generation in history has ever been as constantly plugged in to personal communication options, yet they are one of the hardest groups for survey researchers to reach. For decades, telephone surveys were a reliable way to Read more

  3. Decision 2012 | Telephone Survey Versus Online Survey

    To be consistent with the 2012 Presidential Election and the campaigning we will all see over the next month, the Research Bunker introduces: Decision 2012 featuring the Telephone Survey Versus Online Survey. The two candidates have long been combatants in the market research realm and we have decided to place them head-to-head in a methodology Read more

  4. Graph Fail | Vertical 3D Pyramids

    As part of our continuing series to critique a selection of graphs and charts, we have selected this wonderful pyramid column chart, based on an actual graph we saw in a real report prepared by another firm we are too polite to name.  The Bunker takes a lot of pride in reporting and data visualization, and Read more

  5. Graph Fail | 3D Columns

    This post is the second in a new series on the Bunker Blog. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is featuring some select charts and graphs that we come across in our daily routines that we believe represent failures in data visualization. As always, we have reconstructed these graphing disasters and generalized the titles and labels Read more

  6. Graph Fail | Motivators Pie Chart

    As part of a new series on the Bunker Blog, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) will feature some select charts and graphs that we come across in our daily routines. Data visualization is one of our strong interests here on the RMS Analytics team and we take a lot of pride in making our graphs Read more

  7. Tips for Using Free Online Survey Software | Survey Research Firm

    This blog post discusses several tips for writing an online survey using free online survey tools at your disposal. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research firm in Upstate, NY.

  8. Is Survey Gamification a Lasting Trend or a Fad?

    Gamification seems to be a hot new buzzword right now. It involves applying game design principles to non-game applications with the intent of making them more fun and attractive to users. Examples of gamification include the use of badges in Foursquare and the points systems of some customer loyalty programs. It is a very trendy Read more

  9. Weighting Data – A Few Cautions

    Data weighting is a technique that is commonly used in market research. Many people reading this will already know what the concept means. If you’re not one of them, it refers to the practice of adjusting data results to either overcome sampling bias or to give more or less significance to factors based on their estimated Read more

  10. Musings from Mobile Research Participants | Survey Tips

    As mobile research continues to gain a broader appeal and acceptance in the market research field, it also forces the industry to revisit how surveys are written.  Not that they were ever overwhelmingly popular to begin with but many firms are choosing or have already chosen to do away with mail/paper surveys in favor of online Read more

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