QualiSight wrapped up a busy year as 2011 came to a close. The focus group facility in Upstate NY welcomed a number of new clients who partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) for their market research needs.

RMS QualiSight can cater to all of your needs.  Whether your business needs to partner with a market research firm to design, manage, recruit, host, moderate and report on your study or just simply host your focus group facility rental, QualiSight can accommodate.  Some clients use their own internal market research team to handle different aspects of the market research process while some hand over the management to RMS QualiSight and the RMS Analytics team.

Here is a quick overview of typical qualitative focus group components in which QualiSight can assist your team with:

  • Focus Group Recruitment – Whether you are hosting focus groups in Upstate NY or anywhere in the country, the RMS QualiSight call center can recruit your groups.  We have a thorough process, which includes the initial recruitment call, re-screening confirmation calls, recording of all calls for quality control, confirmation letters mailed to homes/offices, confirmation emails and text message reminders just hours before the group.  This RMS process guarantees the best possible turnout for your focus groups.  We’ve had national clients comment on our ability to produce high-turnouts.
  • Hosting – If you need to hold your focus groups or interviews in Upstate  NY, QualiSight is the facility for your market research.  The focus group facility offers a spacious focus group room with a large conference table, which comfortably fits 10 to 14 participants.  We audio record all sessions and have a stationary video recorder to provide you with DVDs following your focus groups.  Our hostesses become your account managers and can place food and beverage orders and assist you with your computer and printing needs.
  • Moderating – RMS offers on-site moderators with experience in moderating all types of focus groups.  The moderator team can work with you to moderate a pre-designed script or help your business customize a newly designed script for your focus group research.  RMS can also help you design your recruitment screener to ensure you have the correct break-down of participants for the market research.
  • Analysis and Reporting – If you need a market research team to review, analyze and report on your focus group findings, RMS can also accommodate your business needs.  It often is of great value to obtain a third-party and objective view of findings to eliminate any internal bias of interpretation.  Using the RMS Analytics team for this component will provide your business with a PowerPoint report, which includes an executive summary with recommendations and a full section by section breakdown of the focus group results.  The report supports all findings with selected verbatim comments from participants.  RMS QualiSight can also offer you full transcripts of your sessions, should you choose.
Focus Group and Interviewing Facility Upstate NY

Are you interested in a focus group or interviewing facility in Upstate NY?  Contact our QualiSight Manager Lauren Krell at (315) 635-9802 or email her at LaurenK@RMSresults.com.