This post was written by our guest blogger Erin Wisneski, Communications Coordinator at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), which offers healthcare transformation services across the country.

RMS Healthcare’s momentum continues to increase in its 10th year and May 5th marks the research firm’s significant anniversary. As RMS celebrates its 10th year in business, the firm continues to make a name for itself in the healthcare industry.  One of the primary functions of the RMS Healthcare division is assisting practices across the country to navigate the Physician Practice Connections Patient Centered Medical Home (PPC®-PCMH) Recognition process, which ultimately demonstrates a practice’s commitment to quality care.

“A Patient Centered Medical Home practice is one that facilitates a true and engaging provider-patient commitment between the patient, his or her physician and family, when appropriate,” said Susan Maxsween, Manager of Healthcare Transformation at RMS. “RMS Healthcare guides practices through the detailed process of quantifying work flows and procedures to affirm quality processes and practices.”

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The PPC-PCMH, which has become a national benchmark, is a defined model of healthcare delivery that incorporates a coordinated approach through the primary care physician to provide comprehensive care to patients. Achieving this recognition enables practices to validate operational policies and processes supporting the patient centered medical home model of care.  Since launching the PPC-PCMH assistance program in 2010, RMS Healthcare has assisted more than 50 practices in achieving PPC-PCMH recognition across the country.

“We have demonstrated and proven success in our work assisting practices to achieve the highest level of recognition and experience in working with various Electronic Medical Record and Patient Registry platforms,” Maxsween said. “We also have proven success in working with practices remotely, assisting practices to achieve recognition through teleconferencing and webinar sessions as well as face-to-face meetings.”

To achieve PPC-PCMH Recognition, Maxsween and her team engage practices (this includes family practices, internists and pediatricians) to adopt and apply key attributes among their physician group. Those attributes include: collaboration and communication; adoption of evidence-based clinical care; fostering a culture of teamwork; enhanced information sharing, fostered accountability, innovations in technology and again, an overall commitment to excellence.

“Overall, practices have been very pleased with our level of professionalism, commitment to quality and passion for the work we do,” Maxsween said about helping clients to achieve PPC-PCMH Recognition. “Practices have said that they could not have done it without us and truly thank us for our commitment to be ‘Best in Class’ in assisting them to achieve recognition. Most importantly, practices feel an overwhelming level of accomplishment, validation of their quality of work and true demonstration to commitment to patient quality.”

RMS Healthcare is a leader in providing healthcare transformation services. The division begins by conducting a preliminary practice assessment to determine readiness to achieve PPC-PCMH Recognition. As an outcome of the assessment, if the practice decides to pursue recognition, RMS Healthcare will assist the practice in the journey to achieve recognition.   For more information about PPC-PCMH Recognition or healthcare transformation services, contact Susan Maxsween at or by calling (315) 635-9802.