As Vance stated previously on LinkedIn, Syracuse gets a lot of publicity for its winter weather and college basketball, but it also has a long history of being one of the best test markets in the U.S. In fact, Syracuse has such a good reputation as a test market, he wrote about it through a prior blog post here and we again wrote about it here.

syracuse test market

Vance and I recently had a comment discussion on LinkedIn about the topic of test markets and whether they were worth it or not? Below is the dialogue from that feed:

George: Many clients veer away from test markets because they are costly and would rather launch the product without further incurring more expense. I also think there is some fear about test markets dragging out timelines which can often add months (if not years) to a launch, in addition to the potential of making competitors aware of their efforts. Just curious to know your thoughts on these objections and how you would respond?

Vance: As you mentioned, there are definitely drawbacks to test marketing. I would point out that even marketers that skip formal test marketing still should and usually do conduct some form of concept testing before going forward with a new offering. A lot of the considerations that make an area a good test market will also make it a good place to do concept testing, especially the qualitative stages. So, while it is definitely time-consuming, costly and perhaps tips your hand to competitors to do a full-blown test market, it’s fairly quick, inexpensive and under-the-radar to do a series of focus groups, taste tests or in-home use tests in some markets that are representative of the target.

George: Good points. I agree, it’s not always necessary to do a full-blown test market. You can obtain similar insights that are less expensive, more confidential, and take less time through basic concept testing research.

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