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  1. The ROI Appeal of Market Research

    Difficult business problems require innovative ideas to solve them. Utilizing market research provides business decision makers with the insight needed to overcome these hurdles. Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) knows that when conducted appropriately, market research can have a generous return on investment (ROI). Here are four examples for how market research can improve Read more

  2. What is Market Research?

    What is market research? Market research is the process gathering information about a specific consumers/customer group or market. RMS is a market research firm located in Syracuse, NY. Check out our blog for more information about market research.

  3. Is There a ROI for Market Research?

    Here at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS), a market research company in Syracuse, NY – we often hear that little to no market research is done by businesses for new product development or before a major marketing campaign is undertaken.  Have you ever heard the phrase “any advertising is good advertising?”  It seems like a Read more

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