It’s safe to say, this year is looking brighter already than the tough times we’ve all endured throughout 2020. Our team at RMS has persevered by utilizing our greatest strengths, and stuck true to the core value that is our commitment to each and every one of our clients. It’s been imperative we stay as much ahead of the curve as we can, maintaining and maneuvering through flexibility and adaptability like we’ve never done before.

Working Remote
Our team has continuously been able work together through these times, where it’s easy to feel more disjointed than ever. Many of the team has continued to work remote, either full-time or a blend of remote and in-office routines, so we’ve stayed connected through weekly, sometimes daily, Zoom meetings—getting business done, and remaining in touch with one another. We still keep teamwork at the forefront of our practice. We’ve kept the flow of business a seamless transition, making sure our clients and partners know, in a world of uncertainty and chaos, you can count on RMS. Our love of research drives our passion for delivering quality results and exceptional service to our clients.

And while the majority of our divisions have pivoted to working from home, our doors are open to those that want the comfort and convenience of an office setting knowing that it is safe and clean. For example, our Healthcare team has been able to work in the office and manage the mail surveys as they come in. Many of our telephone survey interviewers are also back in the Call Center, meeting all deadlines while following safety protocols. Some of our calling can also be done remotely using updated systems to provide a seamless transition.

In-Office Protocols
For those whose positions require them to go into the office space, and to ensure we can still conduct business safely at the office, our team has set up multiple new standards of practice that have been implemented to heighten our health awareness, sanitation, and ensure physical distancing.

These new procedures include: signing in at the front desk, providing hand sanitizer/wipes around the office, sanitation spray for wiping down surfaces, masks are required to be worn while walking around, physical distance required between co-workers, and signage around the office to help those of us who do go in the office to remember the new protocols.

Watch the video of our COVID In-Office Protocols tour here.

New Hiring Procedures
Because of the drastic shift in everyone’s day-to-day routines— remote vs in-person work life, to stay-at-home-teaching and helping students remote learn — it only makes sense that our way of thinking about the hiring process these days should shift along with how our employees are getting the job done. We’ve implemented procedures to advance interview candidates to remote position availabilities vs full-time in the office. Because of this, we have been able to extend our reach to talent beyond CNY for specific job positions within the company.

Keeping Current for Our Clients
While we’ve implemented new protocols and procedures for the influx of in-person focus groups, we’re also seeing an uptick in more engagement with online focus groups as well as telephone surveys.

Due to individuals staying at home more often to reduce the spread and contraction of airborne sicknesses, market researchers, RMS included, are seeing that survey response rates are also up as people are home and willing to engage more often and for longer periods of time when participating in surveys and interviews.

From 2019 to 2020, we saw a 62.6% increase in new business revenue from Telephone Surveys, 8.8% increase from Online Surveys, and a 43.6% increase from Feasibility Studies. We also saw a spike in Intercept and Mail Surveys. With more people eager for a line of communication and to feel heard and listened to—market research gives individuals a platform to share their experiences and opinions with another person.

It is important to note that we also saw a dramatic decrease in the number of in-person focus groups and intercept interviews from 2019 to 2020. The good news is that we have already started to see a recent interest in personal focus groups, which comes with the imperative assurance that all necessary in-office protocols are being followed.

We’ve been flexible in our strategies and services in order to make sure that we consistently provide the best service that our clients deserve.

At Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), we understand the mirage of challenges you are facing as you guide your own team and clients through this tumultuous time. And we are here to support you.

It’s never been a better time to reach out to your employees, your clients, and your potential markets. Let them know you care, find out what they need, and listen to what’s important.

If your team has a survey or market research project in the works, let’s connect. Contact our Vice President of Corporate Development, Sandy Baker at or call 1-866-567-5422. Zoom video calls can also be scheduled if you’d like to see a friendly face!