Article by Susan S. Maxsween, MHSA, Vice President Healthcare Operations and Consulting.

If you are currently an FQHC preparing for your Operational Site Visit, or if you are seeking to pursue FQHC certification, no doubt you understand the operational demands and strategic planning that is required to successfully achieve and sustain this designation to provide necessary care to the nation’s medically underserved and most vulnerable populations.

RMS Healthcare, an established consulting firm with proven experience in assisting healthcare systems, large physician practices and solo practitioner sites, understands that an FQHC is a unique and powerful healthcare delivery system that focuses on serving patients that have limited access to health care services. We understand that FQHCs serve an important role in promoting health and wellness in the communities that they serve. We also have experience working with FQHC facilities that are pursuing PCMH Recognition, which provides a team-based approach to meeting patient healthcare needs which focus on a patient-centered approach that is comprehensive, coordinated and quality driven.

As a healthcare consulting firm with proven experience, we strive to cultivate cohesive and meaningful partnerships with our clients. Our mission is to engage with clients to develop, implement, and adopt processes to ensure sustainable success that embodies the organizations’ mission and vision. We recognize that each client possesses unique characteristics based upon the patient demographic mix and we seek to address and respond to key global health indicators such as social determinants of health, health equity, and behavioral health. We collaborate with clients to operationalize all aspects of patient care and identify solutions to optimize practice performance.

If you are considering pursuing FQHC certification and have questions pertaining to PCMH Recognition, RMS Healthcare can help you transform your organization, allowing you to take advantage of financial incentives that are aligned with FQHC and PCMH.

Interested in attaining or maintaining FQHC and/or PCMH status, contact our Vice President of Healthcare Operations and Consulting at or call 1.866.567.5422, Ext. 205

About RMS Healthcare

Since 2010, RMS Healthcare, a division of Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc., has been leading healthcare organizations to embrace operational changes to improve the quality driven approach in providing patient-centered care delivery. We understand that every health system presents unique scenarios, challenges and ultimately, a passion to succeed. We work closely with our clients to cultivate cohesive and long-term partnerships. We have extensive experience in aligning practices to develop, implement and adopt processes to ensure sustainable success that embodies the tenants of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care delivery, experience in leading Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) through the certification process. RMS Healthcare also has extensive experience in providing targeted healthcare consultative services based upon unique client needs.

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Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) is a full-service market research firm in Central New York. Formed in 2002, RMS helps organizations that are looking to know more about their customers and/or potential customers. They conduct surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping, studies and analysis. Each project is customized and gets personal attention by the best in the business. RMS has a reputation for getting results and offers an independent means to conduct telephone, on-line and mail surveying, In-depth interviews, intercept interviews, and participant recruitment as well as focus group hosting through QualiSight, its onsite call center and focus group facility. Taking advantage of the region’s reputation for being a great market study barometer, RMS recruits and moderates for focus groups, community forums and town meetings.