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  1. Higher Education Brand Awareness and Marketplace Positioning

    It’s that time of year again, students and professors are getting settled in to a new semester of college, and administrators are coming up with solutions to help their institution stay ahead of the competitive curve. Standing out among the crowd is a constant struggle for many institutions that are grappling with recent trends – Read more

  2. How to Measure Student Satisfaction

    Attrition is a growing concern among higher education institutions. Students are no longer starting and completing their college education at one institution, and competition is on the rise to keep them engaged.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 33% of first-time college freshmen will not return to the same institution for the following academic year.1 Read more

  3. Trending in Higher Education: A Boom in Online Academic Programming Interest

    Post-secondary online academic offerings are certainly not a new concept. The topic has, however, crossed our radar more frequently over the last year than in the past. With college enrollment numbers on the decline, administrators are angling for ways to combat rising costs and garner renewed interest among prospective populations. It’s no secret that the Read more

  4. Trends in Higher Education

    The education industry has faced its fair share of hurtles since the economic downturn. It’s clear that a prosperous economy requires an improved educational system (among other things), but the kinks in the rope have yet to be worked out to figure out exactly how to achieve improvement. Thoughts differ on how to achieve a Read more

  5. The ROI of College Education | Higher Education Trends

    As a market research company that has been heavily involved in higher education research since our founding, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) makes it a point to monitor trends in that industry. In addition to reading about these trends through news outlets, we often see the ground-level manifestation of them in our research. Through the Read more

  6. How Market Research Can Help Community Colleges

    Over the past few years, there has been a continuing evolution of the community college’s place in the American higher education landscape. As the economy has declined, community colleges have enjoyed a wider appeal as a more affordable alternative to private and four-year public institutions, to the point where there is actually a “reverse transfer” Read more

  7. Adult Learners: An Important Segment for American Colleges & Universities

    Adult learners, sometimes called nontraditional students, have long been a part of the market for higher education, but in recent years the segment has grown in importance. In fact, a 2002 special analysis by the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that there were roughly the same number of nontraditional undergraduate students studying at American Read more

  8. Helicopter Parents and Their Impact on Market Research for Colleges

    The Bunker covers the topic of Helicopter parents and their impact on market research in colleges and universities.

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