Trying to find a focus group facility in Syracuse, NY? Look no further than QualiSight located in Baldwinsville, just outside the heart of Central New York. If May was any indication that businesses are becoming more aware of our focus group facility, then QualiSight is in for an eventful summer! May wrapped up a busy month at QualiSight.

In addition to the continuous recruitment and survey projects at the QualiSight call center, the focus group facility hosted a number of clients this past month.  Below is a snippet of two of the more interesting projects. 

  • First, QualiSight was host to two focus groups, which discussed local telecommunication providers.  The call center was utilized to recruit participants who were involved in telecommunications decision-making at their company.  They were paid $75 for about two hours of their time.  The client found the groups extremely valuable, as they were able to get feedback directly from their consumers on key telecommunications provider issues.  
  • Second, QualiSight hosted three different sessions, which involved taste testing various brands of beer.  Needless to say, those groups were not difficult to recruit for.  On top of the beer tasting, each participant was given a $25 honorarium as a thank you.  Participants were asked to fill out a brief questionnaire on each of the beers they tasted.

Look for more updates in the future months on our new focus group facility at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS).  The next few months are sure to be an active time for both the QualiSight facility and the call center as it helps RMS grow to meet our clients’ needs.  For more information on QualiSight and how it can help your business, visit the website by clicking here

Interested in booking our focus group facility in Syracuse, NY?  Our QualiSight Supervisor Lauren Krell can be reached through email – or by calling 315-635-9802.

Or maybe you’re interested in participating in our research (like the focus groups mentioned above)?  Click here to join the RMS panel and we will contact you in the future for studies you may qualify for!