You can address your credit union marketing needs by taking a first step, which is market research.  Market research will provide insight and determine the needs that need to be addressed.  There are many different market research options that will provide benefits to a credit union.  For this blog post, we’ve detailed a few more common studies below:

  • Are your members using other credit unions for their core services? Use a member loyalty survey to uncover what drives loyalty and competitive usage. Use the results to implement changes to find and keep loyal members.
  • What lasting impressions of your credit unions are made during the new account opening experience? If a member has issues from the get-go, these need to be identified up front to correct the process. Use research to correct that experience.
  • Are your employees providing your customers with A+ service at your credit union? Use mystery shopping services to have trained research experts act as a real-time member to evaluate and analyze the experience.
  • Do you know which market or member segment provides your credit union with the most revenue? Market research can analyze your database, segment your markets, and recommend the best strategies to reach them.

How can RMS Analyticshelp you with credit union marketing? We’ll work with your team to create a customized market research study to fit your needs. Market research should always be a first step to properly allocate your marketing budget.  Contact our Director of Business Development, Sandy Baker, at or call her at 315-635-9802 to discuss your credit union marketing needs.