This post was written by our guest blogger Erin Wisneski, Communications Coordinator at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) – a market research agency in Syracuse, NY.

Since the recession hit at the start of this decade, many companies have downsized, outsourcing various department functions, especially those which traditionally require extensive staffing and intensive management. Enter Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS), a full service market research firm. RMS recently expanded its call center, which offers inbound and outbound communication services as a result of this streamlining opportunity among companies.

“We offer multiple businesses inbound calling services, reducing the amount of downtime and productivity loss an individual business would typically see when utilizing their own internal resources,” said Lauren Krell, manager of RMS QualiSight , the firm’s onsite call center and focus group facility.

Inbound calling represents a unique opportunity for the firm. Under this arrangement, individuals call a published phone number that rings into the RMS QualiSight facility, yet to the caller, the operator introduces himself/herself as a representative from the client company. The reception function is seamlessly transferred to RMS QualiSight – feeling completely transparent to the caller. This allows the client company to reduce its costs and provide “live person” customer service to its customers and prospects.

Call Center Syracuse NY

RMS understands that each business has unique wants and needs in terms of call center services and works hard to make sure both inbound and outbound calling solutions have unparalleled flexibility.

“We have a dedicated staff and advanced technology on hand to custom-tailor services to each client’s needs,” Krell said.

In addition to offering expanded calling services, RMS has also expanded in size, increasing square footage from 2,000 square feet to 3,100 square feet and making extensive improvements to the RMS office setting. The expansion includes 16 call center stations, each providing both outbound and inbound services; a private and spacious viewing area with kitchenette and dual access points for focus group clients; and a spacious, separate lounge with reserved entry and easy access to the existing focus group room for participants.

For more information about existing and expanded services at RMS QualiSight , contact Lauren Krell at (315) 635-9802 or at

As a national organization, RMS offers business solutions using marketplace intelligence and industry knowledge and will customize every project to the needs of its clients. Formed in 2002, RMS conducts both primary and secondary research. Research activities include telephone, written and electronic surveys, focus groups and executive interviews. With RMS QualiSight , the firm also offers an independent means to conduct personalized satisfaction studies, prospect qualifying calls plus much more. RMS aims to improve your bottom line performance with superior marketing intelligence and strategies.