This is another RMS video blog post which speaks about our focus group facility in Upstate NY. QualiSight has been host to many clients all across the country from small businesses to large businesses. Our projects have ranged from package design testing, to taste testing, to concept testing, to a number of other customer and non-customer focused discussions. Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) has its own in-house focus group facility, client viewing room, call center for recruitment, and on-site moderators for all of your focus group facility needs in Upstate NY.


If you are interested in renting our focus group facility in Upstate NY contact our QualiSight Manager Lauren Krell at Or if you’d like to partner with RMS for all of your market research needs contact our Business Development Director Sandy Baker at Sandy hosted this video blog post you can view above. Both can be reached by phone at 315-635-9802.