In 2012, Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) retooled its client satisfaction survey to garner more actionable feedback from our clients.  At the end of each research project, a client satisfaction survey is mailed out with the final report and project CD.  The results are invaluable to our teams, and if no response is received, our President Mark Dengler follows up with each client and asks them to spend a few minutes filling out our survey and returning it to us.  RMS conducts client satisfaction surveys for the RMS Analytics team, the RMS Healthcare team, the RMS QualiSight team (our focus group facility in Syracuse NY), and we even send a proposal satisfaction survey out to our prospective clients who receive a proposal from our business development team.

The results are used to create a benchmark and continually track our clients’ satisfaction levels with our company.  We debrief on the findings from all received surveys on a monthly basis at our full staff meetings.  As a market research firm, we understand the importance of asking our clients for feedback.  It’s a great way to quantitatively track results and view progression of quality over time.

Here are the year-to-date results for our client satisfaction surveys for the RMS Analytics team:

Client Satisfaction Results - Analytics

Unaided, clients deemed RMS Analytics as “thorough.”

If you are interested in talking about a market research project with us, contact our Business Development Director, Sandy Baker at 315-635-9802, or email her at  We take a lot of pride in exceeding our client expectations and I think our survey results prove that our efforts are paying off!