Background: In 2013, BizEventz, the Central New York Business Journal (CNYBJ), and AmeriCU Credit Union partnered with Research & Marketing Strategies Inc. (RMS) to conduct the CNY’s Best Places to Work survey. The study identified and recognized the best places of employment in Central New York (based upon the RMS employee survey instrument). The RMS tool is a branded employee survey that can be used by any organization and is applicable to all industries.

Best Places to Work Survey

Approach: RMS utilized its branded comprehensive employee survey that was conducted online with employees to determine their overall satisfaction in the workplace. RMS used its 52 question online employee survey that takes approximately five minutes to complete for participants. The survey covered general areas such as: (1) overall satisfaction; (2) importance of factors such as direction, execution, connection, supervisors, work, and pay and benefits at the workplace; (3) satisfaction with the same six factors; (4) word association with the organization as a place to work; and (5) demographic questions about age, tenure, full-time or part-time employment; supervisory duties; and gender.

Employee Survey Company

Employee Survey Process Flow Chart – Click to Enlarge

Results: RMS used the following quality control standards and analysis procedure for the Best Places to Work survey:

  • Data Quality Checks – Reviewing the data to ensure participant’s met RMS protocol standards for online surveys including review of the data integrity question embedded in the survey.
  • Calculating Importance of Factors and Weights – Calculating average scores of the six factors tested using means of each company’s scores to determine an overall importance weight to be applied to satisfaction measurements.
  • Overall Best Places to Work Score – Two derived measurements were added together to create an individual score for each company on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. The derived measurements were taken from scores reported by respondents of the employee survey. This is titled the RMS EmPulse score.

To read a blinded version of the employee survey and the Best Places to Work report used for this particular study, click on the image below. All employee survey scores from the report can be benchmarked and compared to other organizations across the United States for your specific industry .

Employee Survey Report

Click Here to Read the Employee Survey Company Report

If you are interested in conducting an employee survey for your company or organization, contact our Business Development Director Sandy Baker at or call her at 1-866-567-5422. Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS) is a market research firm that specializes in employee surveys using its branded tool and EmPulse scoring system.