This blog article was written by Lori Lichorobiec, Communications Coordinator at Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS).

The RMS Research Bunker Blog hits 300,000 views! Thank you to all of our readers over the years.

RMS Bunker Blog

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When it comes to a blog, any views are good, but for Baldwinsville based RMS – Research & Marketing Strategies, 300,000 blog views means they’re moving fast through the blogosphere!  Just a few years old, the “bunker” staff at RMS has been churning out enough great content on “The RMS Research Bunker Blog” to receive hundreds of thousands of views.  It’s a lofty goal for any blog to reach. “The RMS blog has done wonders for our company. We’ve gone from the days of being excited about breaking 10 views in a day, to now receiving upwards of 800+ hits per day. The blog has provided us with training opportunities by researching new topics, kept staff informed on the latest industry trends, and provided us with leads from decision-makers across the globe.”  George Kuhn, Director of Analytics.

Keeping readers wanting more is not an easy task to achieve.  Continually posting fresh, informative, engaging and compelling content is the most important job of any successful blogger; the second most important job; being persistent. “I don’t think too hard about what to write. Blog posts should not cause “paralysis through analysis.” Ask a question and answer it in a blog post, re-use old newsletter articles and add a fresh perspective, sit down with a colleague and talk out loud about a topic and recap your conversation on the blog. Some of our most highly viewed blogs took less than 30 minutes to put together and post. Persistence is also important. You have to consistently post fresh and original content using SEO-friendly terms and publicize it through all social media platforms. If you are patient, persistent and commit yourself to posting relevant content, leads will roll in.” George Kuhn.

RMS presented B2B Small Business Blogging Tips at a regional conference a few years ago.

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The main authors are George Kuhn, Director of Research Services, Vance Marriner, Senior Research Analyst, and Chris Coville, Senior Research Associate. Topics include Education, Financial Services, Focus Groups, Healthcare, Market Opinions, Market Research Insights, Strategic Planning, Survey Tips, Video Blog Posts and other intriguing subjects.